Ken Raymond: 'Purely Subjective'


Ken Raymond leads readers back in time and reveals the place he called home.

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It's not always clear why things happen. And, at a young age, it is difficult to understand all of the changes that occur within our lives.

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Columnist Ken Raymond shares the story about how a stinky little Chihuahua became his muse, what happens when three self-described word nerds start playing with language and his reflections on Charlottesville, Virginia.

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Ken Raymond remembers embracing heartache, worrying about family in a snowstorm and the fear of darkness. But he also reminisces about his own adventure that would rival an "Indiana Jones" stunt and meeting a monk on New Year's Eve in Iceland.

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It's personal

Our complex thoughts can be amusing. And, sometimes it's funny what runs through our minds. But, other times it's not.

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Sometimes - many times - life isn't perfect. It's raw, and it's honest. The Oklahoman's columnist Ken Raymond takes readers on a journey through his past, his experiences and his mind.

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