In their boots, on the streets

Open House

Reporter Matt Dinger's occasional series "Open House" takes readers into Oklahoma City fire stations, alongside firefighters in training and into the realm of fire safety.

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The Oklahoman’s Matt Dinger joined four Oklahoma City police officers on randomly chosen shifts in each of the city’s patrol divisions.

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On the hunt

Reporter Matt Dinger accompanied bounty hunters as they tracked fugitives on Oklahoma City streets.

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Taking the challenge

Split-second decisions can make a difference in life or death - for police officers and the people they encounter. Reporter Matt Dinger went through a police training session to learn more about the pressures officers face. How would he react in the "decision-making" simulator?

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The Oklahoman's Matt Dinger spent time with firefighters, police officers and bounty hunters, experiencing just a little of what they go through each day.

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