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ProCure Proton Therapy Center

ProCure is dedicated to bringing proton therapy to patients by using a comprehensive approach that provides state-of-the-art proton therapy in a healing environment.

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Norman heart patient finds heart-sparing treatment for breast cancer in proton therapy

It isn’t easy to slow down Jami Mitchell. She pours her signature enthusiasm into golfing, Zumba, powerwalking, and a full-time job and — all while taking care of a college-aged son as a single mom.
Health BrandInsight Sep 29, 2016

From wigs to treatment plans and everything in between: Women are faced with many decisions in their fight against breast cancer

Most women diagnosed with breast cancer can vividly remember how they felt when they were told the news. Many go through a range of emotions from fear and anger to hopefulness; from despair to a powerful drive to beat the disease.
Health BrandInsight Oct 6, 2016

Going from good to great breast cancer treatments should be the goal, ProCure expert says

Over the span of two generations, breast cancer has morphed from a diagnosis that was once a death sentence for many to being a disease with good survival rates, thanks to advancements in treatment, screening and prevention.
Health BrandInsight Sep 29, 2016

Treating breast cancer with protons: Oklahoma City mom shares her perspective

Last year, Autumn Taylor’s birthday did not go off quite as she had planned. Instead of eating cake with her family, she spent the day with doctors going through a whole battery of tests. Instead of thanking the many well-wishers on Facebook, she posted a message asking for prayers after she was...
Health BrandInsight Aug 24, 2016

Beating prostate cancer was a family affair for Edmond couple

Ever since they met while serving in the military, Rey and Gwen Dove have taken on the ups and downs of life as a team. They raised children together, lived abroad together, served their community and church together.
Health Michaela Marx Wheatley Sep 2, 2016

After seeing brother, father go through prostate cancer treatment Kansas man chooses proton therapy

After seeing his father and brother struggle through prostate cancer treatment, Max Searcey of Marysville, Kansas, traveled to Oklahoma City to receive proton therapy at ProCure Proton Therapy Center.
Health Michaela Marx Wheatley Sep 1, 2016

What every man should know about prostate cancer

ProCure medical director discusses facts about prostate cancer and treatment that everyone should be aware of during National Prostate Cancer Awareness Month
Health Michaela Marx Wheatley Sep 2, 2016

Ponca City man makes daily 220 miles round-trip for proton therapy

Don Schieber is a busy guy. The 70-year-old Ponca City resident owns a successful seed-cleaning business, is the District 5 Commissioner for the Oklahoma Wheat Commission, referees high school football – for 47 seasons and counting, and has a wife, daughters and grandkids to care for. In short,...
Health Michaela Marx Wheatley Sep 2, 2016

Fighting prostate cancer with protons in Oklahoma: ‘It’s like finding gold in your backyard.’

“When you hear those words, ‘you have cancer,’ it’s like the conversation around you has ended even though people are still speaking. But the word cancer reverberates,” said Ron Turner, recalling the day his doctor handed him the news.
Health BrandInsight Jun 6, 2016

Oklahoma City center is pioneer in proton treatment of breast cancer

Although proton therapy has been in clinical use in the U.S. since the 1970s, its application in treating breast cancer was, until recently, limited to a few treatment facilities in the U.S.. The ProCure Proton Therapy Center in Oklahoma City is now among just a handful of centers in the country...
Special coverage Michaela Marx Wheatley May 5, 2016

Seven facts Oklahoma men should learn about Prostate Cancer this month

Did you know that in Oklahoma, prostate cancer is the second-most common cancer? And did you know that approximately one in seven men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer in their life? Did you know that those numbers increase to one in five if you're African-American and one in three if you...

Health Michaela Marx Wheatley Sep 14, 2015

Beating prostate cancer: Two Oklahomans look back at their journey

The fear of facing prostate cancer can be paralyzing for men. Some are reluctant to get screened for prostate cancer; others worry about how prostate cancer will affect their life if they have to deal with potential side effects such as incontinence or impotence. Prostate cancer is not an easy...

Health Michaela Marx Wheatley Sep 14, 2015

Creating sense of hope goes hand-in-hand with high tech cancer treatment at OKC proton center

Cancer is a scary diagnosis, but fear is not something that is detectable when you enter ProCure Proton Therapy Center.

People chatting over coffee, staff greeting patients on a first name basis and kids giggling in the lobby. You wouldn’t expect that many of the patients here are...

Health Michaela Marx Wheatley Sep 14, 2015