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PLICO is the leading healthcare liability insurer for Oklahoma physicians and hospitals. For 35 years, PLICO has served the medical community through defending quality medicine and promoting patient care. Known for providing a superior level of customer service and protection, PLICO stands as an Oklahoma industry leader with progressive approaches to professional liability, cyber security and patient privacy liability. PLICO is a MedPro Group/Berkshire Hathaway company.

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Health summit to examine how technology, communication impact healthcare

EXPLORE Healthcare Summit sets a progressive tone this year with its keynote speakers tackling topics that highlight technology and management solutions for the evolving healthcare environment and marketplace. “With the EXPLORE curriculum, we strive to provide a comprehensive overview of...
Health Michaela Marx Wheatley Jul 23, 2017

Renown health and human rights activist to speak at EXPLORE Healthcare Summit

The leading causes of death for children in developing countries are hygiene-related illnesses, which claim more than 1.8 million lives each year. That’s nearly one third of all child deaths. Simple handwashing with soap is the most effective way to prevent those deaths. In fact, research...
Health Michaela Marx Wheatley Jul 10, 2017

Healthcare summit aims to inspire health professionals, explores challenges and solutions

J.R. Martinez always showed a level of drive and determination unrivaled by many – from his time in school where he earned a spot on a highly prestigious high school’s football team to when he joined the U.S. Army, where his dreams were shattered on a road in Iraq by an antitank mine in 2003....
Health Brittany Dalton Jun 28, 2017

Oklahoma’s largest healthcare conference continues to grow rapidly in its fifth year

From Aug. 11-12, Norman will once again host Oklahoma’s largest healthcare conference, EXPLORE Healthcare Summit. The annual healthcare conference provides a unique opportunity for physicians across various specialties and geographic regions to meet and join other leaders within the healthcare...
Blog Matthew Moore Aug 2, 2016

Oklahoma physicians benefit as PLICO and MedPro Group merge operations, company officials said

Last September Berkshire Hathaway’s MedPro Group, the healthcare liability insurance carrier, acquired PLICO, Oklahoma’s largest insurer of physicians and hospitals. Since then, much work has been carried out to ensure that local medical professionals benefit from receiving the combined best...
Business Matthew Moore Aug 2, 2016

Regional educational meetings held to connect Oklahoma hospitals

Over the past few months, hospital executives and members of the risk management and leadership teams of PLICO and MedPro Group, a Berkshire Hathaway company that recently acquired PLICO, held several meetings providing a rare opportunity to ediscuss key issues within the state’s medical...
Blog Matthew Moore Aug 2, 2016

Frank Abagnale comes to Norman for Oklahoma’s largest healthcare conference

EXPLORE Healthcare Summit, the region’s premier healthcare conference, celebrates its fifth anniversary Aug. 11-12, highlighted by the return of author and fraud expert, Frank Abagnale. “Mr. Abagnale is perhaps the most popular speaker of all the EXPLORE conferences, and attendees have been...
Health care Matthew Moore Aug 2, 2016

Jerry Sloan suffering from Parkinson's disease, Lewy body dementia

Jerry Sloan is suffering from Parkinson’s disease plus Lewy body dementia, the former Utah Jazz coach told The Salt Lake Tribune on Wednesday.

During an interview at his home in Riverton, Utah, with his wife Tammy at his side, Sloan said he was diagnosed with the illness last...

Sports Apr 6, 2016

PLICO adapts to a changing healthcare landscape

PLICO, the state’s largest medical liability carrier, has had a busy few months. In August, PLICO hosted EXPLORE: Oklahoma Healthcare Summit, Oklahoma’s largest annual healthcare conference. In September, PLICO joined the Berkshire Hathaway family in a deal that is expected to benefit PLICO,...

Health Matthew Moore Oct 12, 2015

PLICO holds risk management seminars for Oklahoma physicians

Oklahoma currently ranks fifth in the nation of drug overdose death rates, according to the report, Prescription Drug Abuse: Strategies to Stop the Epidemic.Recent data shows that accidental drug overdoses secondary to prescription drug abuse in the state of Oklahoma account for more deaths...

Business Matthew Moore Oct 12, 2015

PLICO begins taking occupancy of the Flatiron

Downtown Oklahoma City residents and workers have noticed the progression of several development projects, with one of the most visible being the renovation of the historic Flatiron building on 5th and Harrison.

Reimagined by renowned architect Rand Elliot, the Flatiron was brought back...

Business Matthew Moore Oct 12, 2015

Premier annual healthcare summit announces 2016 conference in Norman

Oklahoma’s largest healthcare conference, EXPLORE: Oklahoma Healthcare Summit, recently announced dates for 2016, which will mark their fifth year of the annual event. Next year’s summit will be held Aug. 11-12 at the Embassy Suites & Conference Center in Norman, Okla.


Health Matthew Moore Oct 12, 2015

PLICO expands cyber coverage for Oklahoma healthcare clients

Across all industries, cyber security is becoming one of the largest concerns businesses think about. For healthcare institutions, this is no different. In fact, recent studies show that medical identity theft has doubled within the last five years with over half a million more victims...

Business Matthew Moore Oct 12, 2015

Police investigate after images of cloaked figure go viral

The image is creepy enough, but the information being passed along with it are even worse. Photos of a cloaked figured reportedly leaving raw meat near a Gastonia playground went viral online and police say they looked into the case.

According to...

News Aug 25, 2015

Oklahoma physician leads fight against human trafficking

Human trafficking is all around us, and it can take many forms. Every year, 1.5 to 2.4 million children go missing. Within 48 hours, one in three of these are taken into the sex industry, according to a report  released by the U.S. Department of Justice in 2002. Many others are taken into...

News Matthew Moore Jul 24, 2015

Workshop seeks to better connect physicians and patients

Diane Rogers, founder of The hArt of Medicine, will be coming to Oklahoma to speak at EXPLORE: Oklahoma Healthcare Summit on Aug. 13-14 in Norman, Okla.

Rogers developed The hArt of Medicine under the conviction that medicine is both a science and an art. The program conducts workshops...

Health Matthew Moore Jul 22, 2015

Why has Oklahoma City become a 'medical tourism' destination?

Oklahoma City has become a medical tourist destination, according to an industry expert, leading the charge for a different method of healthcare delivery, specifically one that embraces the principles and fundamentals of the free market.

Dr. Keith Smith is a local physician who believes...

Health Matthew Moore Jul 20, 2015

PLICO to take occupancy of Flatiron late September

The renovation of the historic Flatiron building has created much excitement in the downtown Oklahoma City community. PLICO, the owners of the building, have targeted late September to take occupancy as their new corporate headquarters.

Last week, it was announced that Berkshire...

News Matthew Moore Jul 20, 2015

Physicians’ conference brings former AMA president to speak in Norman

Dr. Donald Palmisano, past president of the American Medical Association, has been announced as a keynote speaker for EXPLORE: Oklahoma Healthcare Summit 2015. The annual summit is the largest healthcare conference in the state and will be held on Aug. 13-14  in Norman, Okla.


Health Matthew Moore Jul 20, 2015

Oklahoma healthcare professionals prepare to attend the largest healthcare conference in state

Physicians and other healthcare professionals across the state are gearing up to attend Oklahoma’s largest healthcare conference.

“Oklahoma is home to world-class medical professionals providing excellent patient-care, pioneering medical treatments and visionary research. This...

Health Matthew Moore May 29, 2015

Local insurance company opens the lines of communication in healthcare

By Matthew Moore


Oklahomans are increasingly noticing changes in the way they receive healthcare.

Many patients have seen their physician leaving private practice and becoming employed by hospitals. Others may have noticed that they see their physician less often...

Business Matthew Moore May 28, 2015

Healthcare cyber security is crucial for Oklahoma patients

Data breaches have dominated many of the headlines lately, and every industry has cause for concern. The healthcare sector is an especially high value target, as it stores both the medical and financial data of patients. Just as patients trust providers and facilities with their health and...
Business Matthew Moore May 27, 2015

Six things you should know before your next checkup: The ultimate safety checklist

Oklahomans benefit from a healthcare system led by talented physicians, but quality healthcare is a team effort. Patients who choose to take part in their care by asking questions and providing the right information to their healthcare providers can lead to improved care, leading to better...

Health Matthew Moore May 26, 2015

Getting involved in aging family member’s care comes with challenges and rewards

Oklahomans, like other Americans, are finding themselves assuming responsibility for the care of aging parents and relatives. One of the most common concerns is wondering when it is time to accompany an elderly parent to their physician appointments. 

When you find yourself asking...

Health Matthew Moore May 22, 2015