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Oklahoma State University

Through leadership and service, OSU is preparing students for a bright future and building a brighter world for all.

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Leading the fight:

As the pandemic reaches Oklahoma, OSU battles the virus with an array of responses

At the dawn of a new year, the world watched a novel coronavirus gain a foothold in Wuhan, China, before webbing its way around the globe. COVID-19’s rapid advance was measured in days and weeks, not months and...

Health BrandInsight Sep 21, 2020

The Sutton Legacy

Light. Love. Success. Generosity. Optimism. Growth.

Kendria Cost glanced out from her fishbowl office at Career Services inside the Student Union, taken aback by the man lighting up the lobby beyond her window. Eddie Sutton had that effect on folks, especially Oklahoma State...

Sports BrandInsight Sep 15, 2020

Into the storm: OSU researchers use drones for tornado prediction

Three low frequency microphones listening for tornados sit on the north side of Oklahoma State University’s Stillwater campus. Tornados kill 60 people a year on average, making them one of the most dangerous weather threats. But they are not just dangerous for their sheer power: they are...
Technology Emily Long Jun 16, 2017

Top five ways to make the most of campus tours

Summer has officially started. Students across the state are enjoying their time out of the classroom and there is no better time for them to visit potential colleges and universities. “Summer is a great time for high school students and their families to visit campus and begin the process of...
Education Karolyn Bolay Jun 16, 2017

OSU students gain experience with Tulsa Symphony Orchestra

A unique program that gives graduate music students at Oklahoma State University the opportunity to gain professional experience by playing main stage concerts with the Tulsa Symphony Orchestra (TSO) has been renewed.  “It is invaluable for what we do as performers,” said Laura Talbott...
Arts BrandInsight Jun 16, 2017

OSU student finds passion for research through travel abroad

College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources with legacies and generations of agriculturalists before them. As for Adam Cobb, he found his passion for the agricultural industry in a nontraditional way when he spent three months hiking and volunteering on farms in New Zealand in...
College Paige Crawford May 11, 2017

OSU students rewarded in undergraduate research

Student research is a great way to enhance your undergraduate experience and prepare for the future. In 2017 alone, students at Oklahoma State University have been awarded five Fulbright Awards, one Goldwater Scholarship, one Udall Scholarship and three National Science Foundation Fellowships in...
Education Karolyn Bolay May 11, 2017

After heavy rains, beware of rise of giant mosquitoes

After a mild winter and a wave of storms that rolled through Oklahoma bringing large amounts rain, be aware of a rise in the population of giant pests known as floodwater mosquitoes. Common in Oklahoma, floodwater mosquitoes, sometimes called gallinippers, can grow up to six times larger than...
Osu Leilana McKindra May 11, 2017

Ten must-know facts about OSU

When deciding what university to attend after high school, students must take a lot of information into consideration. Oklahoma State University has a variety of great reasons students should consider attending — and some are more unique than you might realize. “At OSU, we want students to know...
College Karolyn Bolay Apr 14, 2017

OSU program teaches high school students to train homeless dogs

Every three weeks, Jackie Ross-Guerrero, shelter director of the Humane Society of Stillwater, chooses a group of dogs that would be more adoptable if they had some basic training and places them in the Dogs of Lincoln program. This unique program allows veterinary students from Oklahoma State...
College Derinda Blakeney Apr 14, 2017

Ticks: unwanted urban dwellers moving into cities

There are movies about snakes on airplanes and tornadoes carrying killer sharks. These are fiction, of course, but there is a factual oddity that is becoming more and more common: ticks are moving to the cities. Ticks are a rural-life problem. At least that has been the thought historically. If...
College Sean Hubbard Apr 14, 2017

OSU offers German Online Language courses to high school students across the country

For more than 30 years, Oklahoma State University has been meeting a need in high schools across the country. As language programs have become increasingly rare in physical classrooms, OSU has provided a German language distance learning class to help students meet their language requirements....
College Shane O’Mealey Mar 17, 2017

OSU and OYE partner to help students succeed

Oklahoma State University and agriculture have a long history of working hand in hand. And since the 1930s, OSU and the Oklahoma Youth Expo — the state’s largest youth livestock show — have been partners in helping shape the youth of agriculture. “As a land-grant institution, agriculture has...
College Karolyn Bolay Mar 17, 2017

OSU Extension’s co-parenting outreach program focuses on the children

The Oklahoma Cooperative Extension Service’s co-parenting program isn’t new – it’s been around for more than 20 years. Yet it continues to deliver fresh reserves of resilience and hope to divorcing and separated couples that remain committed to working together to raise their children. Offered...
Osu Leilana McKindra Mar 17, 2017

A scientist rises above her times: Marie Curie performance coming to OSU

The woman, with hair pulled back into a tight bun and dressed as someone from the turn of the 19th century, walks onto a stage and describes, in a heavy accent, her discovery of a new element and its mysterious properties. The woman is Susan Marie Frontczak and she is portraying the Polish...
College Jeff Joiner Feb 17, 2017

Beyond the GPA: Many colleges consider more than test scores

GPAs and test scores aren’t the only ways to apply to a university anymore. Some universities — including Oklahoma State University — are considering more than these numbers when receiving an application for admission. “We want to get to know students and understand how they might be successful...
College Karolyn Bolay Feb 17, 2017

OSU students celebrate Black History Month with Will Rogers Elementary

Oklahoma State University students will celebrate Black History Month with elementary students at Will Rogers throughout the month. In years past, the event was based more on reading children’s books about famous African-Americans, but the student leaders want to expand the activities available...
College Katie Rosebrook Feb 17, 2017

OSU invites high school students to Senior Day

A key challenge when choosing which university to attend is finding the perfect fit. Visiting a college and touring the campus is the best way to get a feel for the university — from touring the housing choices to learning about academic options to chatting with current students. Oklahoma State...
College Karolyn Bolay Jan 12, 2017

General scholarship fund helps Oklahoma State University students in time of crisis

Sam Smith is one of Oklahoma State University’s most recent graduates. But that wouldn’t be the case without the General Scholarship Fund, which provides emergency support for students experiencing major life events that threaten to derail their academic careers. The North Carolina native was...
College Jacob Longan Jan 12, 2017

Four OSU Cowboys set for Hall of Fame induction

The Oklahoma State University Alumni Association is inducting four graduates into the OSU Hall of Fame whose service to the state of Oklahoma has been transformational. Rhonda Hooper, Judge Terence Kern, Dr. Barry Pollard and James “Jim” Vallion will each be recognized at a public ceremony Feb....
Business Holly Bergbower Jan 12, 2017

University offers affordable options to make college a reality for all

Many students think the dream of a college career is a dream they can’t afford. But Oklahoma State University experts say that simply isn’t true. “We are focused on making college affordable and helping students find a way to make their college dreams come true at OSU,” said Kyle Wray, vice...
College Karolyn Bolay Dec 16, 2016

Behind the Scenes with OSU’s Bullet

Here comes Bullet rings out loud and clear during Oklahoma State University home football games but the mascot really doesn’t need an introduction. He is a well-recognized and much adored part of OSU athletics. But what happens behind the scenes when Bullet isn’t galloping around Lewis Field at...
College Derinda Blakeney Dec 16, 2016

Give your pet a happy and healthy holiday

Pets are as much a part of the holiday festivities as any other family member. People plan to give a gift or two to their furry friends and other plan to travel with them for holiday celebrations. Dr. Elisabeth Giedt, director of Continuing Education, Extension and Community Engagement at the...
Osu Trisha Gedon Dec 16, 2016

Living on campus in college provides benefits

Living on or off campus is a common debate among high school students and even college students. While many parents will point to the convenience and safety of residential life, students want to enjoy being out on their own for the first time. The truth is living on campus provides many benefits...
College Karolyn Bolay Nov 18, 2016

OSU-Tulsa researchers take ideas from the lab to the marketplace

Oklahoma State University-Tulsa’s Helmerich Research Center sits in downtown Tulsa adjacent to the Brady Arts District, a symbol of the area’s explosive growth. Inside its secure doors, the HRC is a vibrant hub of research, development and entrepreneurship. As home to the OSU School of Materials...
College Kim Archer Nov 18, 2016

Oklahoma firefighters train for swiftwater emergencies at Riversport Rapids

In disaster flooding situations, swiftwater can fatal. Murky water conceals dangerous obstacles and the current can be powerful enough to pull rescue workers under. “Firefighters are going to find themselves in swiftwater sooner or later,” said Erick Reynolds, the director of OSU’s Fire Service...
College BrandInsight Nov 18, 2016

OSU Up Close event offers behind-the-scenes look at campus for high school students

Road trip to Stillwater, anyone? Oklahoma State University invites high school juniors and seniors to visit the Stillwater campus — and will even provide transportation.   Oklahoma State University’s Up Close event on Nov. 7 is designed to answer the many questions high school juniors and...
Osu Karolyn Bolay Oct 14, 2016

OSU recognizes first responders of last year’s homecoming tragedy during this year’s homecoming festivities

When tragedy strikes, Oklahoma State Cowboys have a way of picking themselves up, dusting off and starting over. However, nothing could have prepared the university, alumni and friends for the horrific event that occurred during last year’s Sea of Orange Parade when Adacia Avery Chambers crashed...
College Logan Butler Oct 14, 2016

End of season gardening: Fall is perfect time to prepare for spring flowers

With the recent arrival of the fall season, it may seem a bit premature to already be thinking about spring. Gardeners, however, need to plant their spring-flowering bulbs now in order for them to be ready to bloom next spring. David Hillock, Oklahoma State University Cooperative Extension...
Osu Trisha Gedon Oct 14, 2016

Oklahoma State students make historic trip to Cuba

This fall, 13 Oklahoma State University College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources students will have quite a story to tell after a whirlwind, once-in-a-lifetime trip to Cuba as part of the Oklahoma Agricultural Leadership Encounter Class XIII. Thanks to a recent softening in...
College Rachel Metzger Sep 19, 2016

OSU Museum of Art explores the relationship between traditions and modernity in Native culture

The OSU Museum of Art introduces From the Belly of Our Being: art by and about Native creation, on view from Sept. 27through Jan. 28. For indigenous people, culture is passed to a new generation through oral traditions and the retelling of tribal narratives, including tribal creation stories. It...
Arts OSU Museum of Art Sep 19, 2016

New FAFSA deadline offers earlier opportunities for students

The world of college financial aid and scholarships can be intimidating to navigate. High school students and college students need to be aware of changes and new timelines to maximize their financial aid opportunities.   For the first time, the Free Application for Federal Student Aid...
College Karolyn Bolay Sep 19, 2016

Top 10 reasons you should attend Oklahoma State University

High school seniors are faced with a multitude of decisions during their final year of high school. What college will you attend? What will you study? Will you be able to afford it? Those are just a handful of the questions these students will have to answer.   “Choosing a university is an...
Osu Karolyn Bolay Aug 19, 2016

OSU experts monitor mosquito populations with growing Zika virus concerns

Amid ongoing global concern around Zika and the recent spike in international travel with the Olympics kicking off in Brazil on Aug. 5, Oklahoma State University experts are continuing to monitor mosquito populations across the state.   Heat and recent rains, especially around urban and...
Health Leilana McKindra Aug 15, 2016

OSU veterinarians save six-month old puppy

It was do or die.   Oklahoma State University veterinarians needed to perform a life-saving procedure on six-month old puppy, Marley. If they didn’t, he would die.   The procedure had never been done before at OSU’s Veterinary Medical Hospital but Marley’s owners, Marcene and Fred...
College Derinda Blakeney Aug 15, 2016

Early application and admission can ease seniors’ stressors

The checklist of things to be done during a high school student’s senior year is a long one. From senior pictures to final projects to applying to college, it can be overwhelming. Oklahoma State University officials said students could make that senior year checklist a little shorter and less...
College Karolyn Bolay Jul 18, 2016

OSU’s nationally ranked program offers new perspectives on the entrepreneurial mindset

When someone hears the word “entrepreneurship,” the first thing that usually comes to mind is someone who starts their own business. While that is the traditional definition of an entrepreneur, learning the ways of entrepreneurship gives someone a completely new mindset when it comes to...
Business BrandInsight Jul 18, 2016

OSU veterinarians offer acupuncture to improve quality of life for dog’s final days

When Daisy, a 15 year-old beagle, began to lose her sight, owner Dani Martin wasn’t sure how much longer she would have with Daisy. But she knew she wanted to ensure Daisy had a good quality of life. “It was the week before finals in December 2015 when I came home and Daisy’s eye was...
College Derinda Blakeney Jul 18, 2016

Guide to making the most out of your freshmen orientation

The summer after high school graduation is not only a time to enjoy your family and friends, but also a time to move toward your life in college. Student orientation will be your first real college experience.

College orientation programs are designed to help incoming students make the...

College Michaela Marx Wheatley Jun 16, 2016

Active Aging: It is never too early to prepare for growing old

First, the bad news: There is no fountain of youth, and you’re going to have to do more than eat an apple a day to keep the doctor away.

But we’re not left completely defenseless against the march of time, Oklahoma researchers say.  There’s growing evidence that one of the keys to...

Aging in oklahoma Leilana McKindra Jun 16, 2016

New OSU study shows childhood obesity can have extreme consequences

Chubby cheeks on a newborn may be adorable, but on a 6-year-old, they may make the child a target for bullies.

A new study has found that as early as first grade, severely obese children are more likely to be withdrawn and show signs of depression. They are also less liked by their...

Parenting BrandInsight Jun 16, 2016

Three OSU veterinary grads focus on global, public safety

Many pet owners know their local veterinarian has an impact on animal health. However, few of these people realize the significant impact veterinarians have on global health and safety — including the health of people, the environment and even food safety.

Three recent Oklahoma State...

Pets Derinda Blakeney Jun 16, 2016

Can drinking milk before a test improve your score? OSU experts say yes

What if consuming a glass of milk before a test could give you a better score? Would you do it? You might want to consider heading to the dairy section of the store next time based on the recent findings of an OSU researcher. 

Oklahoma State University assistant professor of...

Blog BrandInsight Jun 16, 2016

The high schoolers guide to getting into medical, veterinary or law school

Many students enter college with dreams of going to medical school, veterinary school or law school, and the paths to reach those goals are as varied the number of students pursuing such a goal. Music majors can become veterinarians. Biology majors can become attorneys and animal science...

Blog Michaela Marx Wheatley May 12, 2016

Planning ahead for severe weather with older adults

The recent news of an elderly man killed in his home in Garvin County as a violent tornado moved through the area brought up an important issue — proper preparation for severe weather within special populations such as seniors.

“The better prepared you are, the more you cut...

Blog Leilana McKindra May 12, 2016

Remember food safety when firing up the grill

With warmer weather on the way, many Oklahomans will be firing up their grill. Summer is typically a time of creating fun-filled memories and delicious meals; however, if the meal is not prepared properly, it could be a source of foodborne disease.

Nearly 48 million people get sick...

Blog BrandInsight May 12, 2016

Is mobile phone addiction real? OSU research attempts to find out

Americans spend an average of about five hours on their mobile phones a day. That’s approximately a third of the time the average American is awake.

Are we addicted to our mobile phones?

“One of the implications is that individuals can’t consciously regulate their usage once they...

Blog Ariel West May 12, 2016

Sports Media Camp just one among many unique summer opportunities for K-12 at OSU

Finding a cool summer camp for teens can be a challenge, but Oklahoma State University hosts a whole schedule of great activities ranging from athletic to academic themes.

Students can learn more about topics that interest them as well as see what Oklahoma State has to offer them as a...

Blog Katie Rosebrook May 12, 2016

T. Boone Pickens says America’s oil industry is ‘dead in the water’

The legendary oilman told the Washington Post that the U.S. oil industry won't recover quickly from low prices.

Business Apr 27, 2016

OSU System saves $35 million with energy program

Your mileage may vary, but you might want to take a few tips from Oklahoma State University to cut your energy bill. After all, the OSU A&M System has slashed $35 million from its utility bill in the last nine years.

Simply turning off lights could lower your electricity bill, of...

College Karolyn Bolay Apr 15, 2016

Life after high school: Transition to college often tough for parents

High school graduation is about endings and new beginnings. Sending out graduation announcements, planning parties, trying on caps and gowns is exciting, but it’s also an emotional time for students and parents.

Jim Cowl’s daughter is a senior at Mount St. Mary’s High School in Oklahoma...

College Michaela Marx Wheatley Apr 15, 2016

Oklahoma high school students and OSU play a part in worldwide physics experiment

High school students from Oklahoma City are among a select group learning particle physics from the world’s top scientific minds through a masterclass at Oklahoma State University.

OSU physics professors Dr. Joe Haley, Dr. Sasha Khanov and Dr. Flera Ritzatdinova used their involvement...

College Matt Cohlmia Apr 15, 2016

OSU wheat breeding program thrives on the cutting edge of science

All breads – and other baked goods, for that matter – are not created equal.

When it comes to separating one loaf, roll or cake from any other, it really is all about the ingredients. More specifically, it’s about the wheat.

“The better the quality of wheat we breed for bread,...

Business Leilana McKindra Apr 15, 2016

OSU’s Center for Veterinary Health Sciences saves kitten’s life with groundbreaking heart procedure

Linda Wheeler came to tears the first time she saw Romano. The 6-month-old kitten, a stray who popped up in the yard of the Tulsa woman’s sister, bore a striking resemblance to a cat Wheeler had recently lost.

The only difference was Romano’s perfect heart on his nose. Was it a sign?...

College Derinda Blakeney Apr 15, 2016

Don’t let test anxiety stand between you and your college dreams

Test anxiety is real and challenging to navigate, but that doesn’t mean students who suffer from the condition can’t have successful college careers. As high school students across the state get ready to tackle the ACT, and college students enter the final stretch of the school year, it’s time...

College Michaela Marx Wheatley Mar 18, 2016

Oklahoma faces major water challenge, OSU Oklahoma Water Resources Center officials say

While Mother Nature has provided some much-needed rainfall recently, Oklahoma is far from out of the woods when it comes to fulfilling its water needs. Several major water issues remain to be addressed, state officials said. 

“OSU and the Water Center are investigating almost every...

Agriculture Sean Hubbard Mar 18, 2016

OSU business professors manage work/life balance

Greenbaums say Spears School of Business and their children keep them happy in Stillwater
College Terry Tush Mar 18, 2016

OSU’s new Charles and Linda Cline Equine Teaching Center adds experience to education

Hands-on experience while earning a degree is a game changer for Oklahoma State University students.

The students in OSU’s equine program will now gain that irreplaceable experience thanks to several generous donations that gave life to the Charles and Linda Cline Equine Teaching...

College Karolyn Bolay Mar 18, 2016

OSU student volunteers are central reason for school’s Carnegie Community Engagement classification

132,000. That is the number of service hours logged by the Oklahoma State University student body in 2015 through the OSU Service-Learning Volunteer Center. This number is proof of how invested students are in their communities and making the world a better place.

OSU students’...

College Alex Marianos Mar 18, 2016

Exploring majors: A no-pressure guide for both parents and students to finding a college major

College opens up your world and the possibility of discovering career options you have never considered before. What can be an exciting exploration to some may be overwhelming to others.

What tools are available to help college students find their path? What can parents do to help guide...

College Michaela Marx Wheatley Feb 12, 2016

Daughter of Cherokee Nation dedicates career to improving public health in the Native American community

Amber Suena Anderson’s name means “golden beyond tomorrow,” and the Cherokee Nation citizen takes it to heart.

“I’ve always felt like with my name, I have a respon­sibility to take care of those in the generations to come,” Anderson said.

It is a philosophy she refined and...

Health Jacy Bradford Feb 12, 2016

Saving Lola: OSU veterinarians save puppy with heart defect

A ball of soft, fluffy fur, Bichon puppy Lola quickly stole the hearts of her new family, Lori Waugh and her husband. This familial bond could not be broken even when veterinarians diagnosed the dog with a heart defect.

“I’ve waited about 20 years to get a puppy and my husband surprised...

Education Derinda Blakeney Feb 12, 2016

Diversity coursework broadens horizons, inspires students, OSU officials say

At Oklahoma State University diversity is more than just the number and demographic makeup of the student population. Since 2008, the university has required all undergraduates to complete a course with the diversity (D) designation in order to satisfy the diversity component of...

Education Alex Marianos Feb 12, 2016

Tulsa-based MBA program prepares students for careers

A bank president and business owner at 34, Sean Kouplen attributes much of his career success to his education and the network gained at Oklahoma State University.

“I am very grateful to OSU,” he said. “It is largely because of the education I received at OSU and the...

Business Sean Kennedy Feb 12, 2016

OSU student copes with traumatic experience through fitness

With the start of the new year, exercise is a priority for many people. It can help relieve stress or become a new hobby. But for Tyler Zander, it became a way of life following the loss of his leg in a traumatic farm accident.

Zander, an Oklahoma State University senior pre-med...

Health Catherine Wilson Jan 15, 2016

Choosing the right college: Students share their journey to OSU

A student’s college of choice will be their home for several years, and its impact will last a lifetime. There is a lot to consider: academics, financial aid, location and atmosphere. With the Feb. 1 priority scholarship deadline looming at many colleges including Oklahoma State...

College Michaela Marx Wheatley Jan 15, 2016

OSU houses live bug petting zoo, showcases rare insects from around the world at Insect Adventure

Many of us fear bugs and never really get a hands-on opportunity to learn about these fascinating creatures.

However, the Oklahoma State University’s Insect Adventure  embraces everything insects and aims to open their world to people  with an interactive educational...

College Matt Cohlmia Jan 15, 2016

OSU helps entrepreneurs with their wares through workshop

Starting your own company brings on many different challenges, especially if that company is a food business. The Robert M. Kerr Food and Agricultural Products Center at Oklahoma State University helps these budding businesses find the best way to be successful with its Basic Training...

Business Karolyn Bolay Jan 15, 2016

Cowboys in every county

The Oklahoma Oral History Research Program at the Oklahoma State University Library is looking for “Cowboys in Every County” to collect memories to tell the story of OSU’s history. 

The “Cowboys in Every County” project hopes to record an interview with at least one OSU graduate...

News BrandInsight Jan 15, 2016

Freshman researchers set pace for academic achievement

At Oklahoma State University, motivated freshmen don’t waste any time diving into research opportunities.

While others are still adjusting to college life, OSU freshman Anna Hurlbut studied grammar and language patterns in Texas, Oklahoma and Kansas for her freshman research...

College Michaela Marx Wheatley Dec 18, 2015

Standing wheelchair offers new study experience for OSU veterinary student

Mary Beth Davis, a first-year veterinary student at Oklahoma State University’s Center for Veterinary Health Sciences, has been traveling around the veterinary center using her wheelchair. But when she received a standing wheelchair from the Standing Company, her experience of earning her DVM...

Agriculture Derinda Blakeney Dec 18, 2015

Students shouldn’t allow scholarship and financial aid myths to stand in their way

College officials say the biggest mistake students make is not applying to college because they think they can’t pay for school.

Lack of affordability is a myth and should not stand in the way of applying, said Kyle Wray, vice president of enrollment management and marketing at Oklahoma...

College Michaela Marx Wheatley Nov 13, 2015

College smarts: Hit early admission deadlines for better chance at scholarships

In October, college seems a lifetime away for college-bound high school seniors, but if you want to put your best foot forward to securing scholarships, early admission may be something to move up high on your priority list now.

What are the advantages of early college admission?

Blog Michaela Marx Wheatley Oct 16, 2015

Internships: Real world experience as a college student

Several Oklahoma State University students test-drove their future careers this summer with a few of the country’s most influential companies. They returned with real world work experience and amazing connections. 

OSU helps provide opportunities for students to intern with some of...

College Matt Cohlmia Oct 16, 2015

At OSU, ‘America’s Greatest Homecoming Celebration’ is filled with traditions

It wasn’t much, that first Harvest Carnival at Oklahoma A&M in 1913. None of the attendees then could possibly envision how it’s changed over the past 102 years. “America’s Greatest Homecoming Celebration,” as Oklahoma State University has coined its event, began Friday and will continue...

College Isabella Simerson Oct 16, 2015

Pete’s Pet Posse therapy dogs help OSU students and staff cope with stress

Their faces break out in furry grins, their tails wag mightily, and they offer people a joyful, wiggly welcome. That is the magic of a therapy dog from Pete’s Pet Posse at Oklahoma State University.

The dogs are on campus every day but are busiest during midterm and finals, when stress...

College BrandInsight Oct 16, 2015

Can cranberries keep you healthy? OSU researchers have the answer

Research shows the fruit can stabilize blood glucose levels and help prevent the development of Type 2 diabetes.
Health Faith Kelley Sep 21, 2015

Broadway star and business leaders among OSU’s Distinguished Alumni

What does an administrator, an opera singer, a bank president, a professor, a researcher and an engineer all have in common? They are all Oklahoma State University graduates. The OSU Alumni Association recognized six alumni with the Distinguished Alumni Award for their accomplishments after...

Ae Holly Bergbower Sep 21, 2015

Cowboy Legends: OSU celebrates 125 years

Historical digital timeline offers intriguing glimpses into campus history
College Jim Mitchell Sep 21, 2015

OSU gets ranked in tailgating

Oklahoma State University got ranked – in football food.

The Daily Meal, a food and drink lifestyle site, unveiled its annual list of the 25 best colleges for tailgating, and OSU came in at No. 21 on the list. The only other Big 12 schools on the list were Baylor at No. 12 and...

Sports Sep 17, 2015

Taking a World View

Get a glimpse into the life of an international graduate student at OSU
Brandinsight BrandInsight Jul 21, 2015

Oklahoma-based research project is engineering life-saving technology

Technology could lead to more liver transplants, as OSU researchers help develop technology to objectively evaluate whether the condition of a donor’s liver will make it unacceptable for transplantation.
Brandinsight BrandInsight Jul 21, 2015

Teens rub elbows with OSU researchers

OSU’s Summer Science Academy teaches teens about research basics as middle school students enjoy college experience. The program is growing more popular every year.
Brandinsight Jamie Hadwin Jul 21, 2015

2016 Oklahoma State University QB Commit Does Hot Yoga at Elite 11

Nick Starkel, OSU's quarterback commit rolled out his yoga mat with fellow finalists to unwind as they head into day 3 of The Elite 11 Finals.

The 18 top quarterback prospects in the 2016 class traded deep out routes for downward facing dog and hot reads for hot yoga.

The QBs,...

Sports Jul 7, 2015

Which former Oklahoma State standout has become Michael Jordan's golfing buddy?

Former Oklahoma State golfer Morgan Hoffman has apparently found himself a new golfing partner. Here’s hoping Hoffman’s wallet is stuffed enough to handle the pairing.

Hoffmann, who was recently profiled in a

Golf Jun 2, 2015

Adding a Historic Touch

New veterinarian gets MBA same day at his ‘family school’
College Derinda Blakeney May 21, 2015

Treating Wildlife at OSU

Injured barred owl gets top-notch care — and offers lessons, too
College Derinda Blakeney May 20, 2015

In It to Win It

OSU grad gets a shot on ‘American Ninja Warrior’
Health Karolyn Bolay May 19, 2015

From Red Dirt to Red Sox

John Farrell can trace World Series wins to his time at OSU
Sports Wade McWhorter May 18, 2015

Hitting the Right Note

Oklahoma State University values traditions, whether it’s an athletic event, the alma mater or even national championships. The students in the OSU Small Trumpet Ensemble are setting a tradition of excellence by winning the 2015 National Trumpet Competition for the second consecutive year. This...
Ae Karolyn Bolay Apr 23, 2015

A 3-D Approach

Early engineering course gives OSU students experience with latest technology
Technology Mallory Pence Apr 21, 2015

OSU names new research vice president

Oklahoma State University has named Kenneth Sewell vice president for research to lead the planning, coordination and growth of research programs and funding universitywide.
Education BrandInsight Apr 20, 2015

Celebrate Made in Oklahoma Month in April

April is Made in Oklahoma Month, and Oklahoma State University’s Robert M. Kerr Food & Agricultural Products Center is encouraging Oklahomans to celebrate by supporting local food companies. “Made in Oklahoma Month is a great way to remind Oklahomans to support their local food products,”...
Business Mandy Gross Apr 10, 2015

The Pep in Her Step

OSU veterinarians restore little dog’s joy in life with back surgery
Life Derinda Blakeney Apr 9, 2015

OSU unveils Homecoming theme

The Oklahoma State University Alumni Association and Homecoming Executive team have unveiled the theme for OSU Homecoming 2015. This year, OSU alumni, students and friends will celebrate ‘Stillwater, Still Loyal, Still True’ at “America’s Greatest Homecoming Celebration.” “Stillwater is a special...
College OSU Alumni Association Apr 8, 2015

Growth Spurt

Oklahoma Proven plants can help gardeners succeed
Garden Trisha Gedon Apr 7, 2015

Racing for Benefits

OSU alumni chapters support runs for charitable causes
Health Katie Parish Mar 24, 2015

The Student Experience

Kyle Wray, vice president for enrollment management and marketing at Oklahoma State University, offers up some highlights of “The Student Experience” in this video.
News Kyle Wray Mar 23, 2015

Cowboy-Style Cook-Off

OSU alumna shows off game time goodies on ‘Rachael Ray Show’
Food Shelby Holcomb Mar 23, 2015

Training to Trace Explosions

OSU Center for Improvised Explosives better prepares investigators for arson and bombing investigations
Brandinsight Sean Kennedy Mar 13, 2015

Going Back to the Future

Letters to future generations key part of OSU Cooperative Extension time capsules
Brandinsight Donald Stotts Mar 12, 2015

Born a Collector

OSU history professor keeps himself busy outside the classroom
Brandinsight Jamie Hadwin Mar 11, 2015

Horse Sense

OSU’s newest equine surgeon shares his expertise
Brandinsight Derinda Blakeney Mar 10, 2015

Treeing Up

OSU experts offer tips for dealing with eastern redcedars
Brandinsight Sean Hubbard Feb 27, 2015

Treating Heart Disease

OSU offers top-notch cardiac care for critters, too
Brandinsight Derinda Blakeney Feb 26, 2015

OSU Hall of Fame inducts 4

Out of more than 207,000 alumni, only 165 have been inducted into the Oklahoma State University Hall of Fame. Bryan Close, Frederick F. Drummond, John D. Groendyke and the late Ramona Paul joined this select group on Feb. 13.

Close, a 1966 hotel and restaurant administration graduate,...

Brandinsight Chase Carter Feb 25, 2015

Learning Never Gets Old

Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at OSU thrives with experience
Brandinsight Christy Lang Feb 24, 2015

OSU Celebrates on NPR

Sponsorships take ‘Branding Success’ message nationwide
Brandinsight Shelby Holcomb Feb 23, 2015

Role Reversal

OSU professor honors student by establishing scholarship
Brandinsight Christy Lang Feb 13, 2015

Flu Fighter

OSU researcher aims to develop tool for testing, treating lung infections
Brandinsight BrandInsight Feb 12, 2015

Orange Crush

Contest highlights OSU love stories
Brandinsight Alex Marianos Feb 11, 2015

Leading the Way

OSU associate professor lands in top 1% of cited researchers
Brandinsight Sean Hubbard Feb 10, 2015

Scientists are cool

NPR’s Flatow sees audience for research growing
Brandinsight Jeff Joiner Feb 9, 2015

A Model of Wellness

OSU Student Union director demonstrates his healthy choices
Brandinsight Tory Dwyer Jan 26, 2015

A Rich Literary Legacy

Oklahoma Center for Poets and Writers celebrates literary masters
Brandinsight Sean Kennedy Jan 12, 2015

OSU’s Botanic Garden gets new director

A professor at Oklahoma State University will be using what he has been teaching in the classroom in his new role at OSU.

Lou Anella, ornamentals professor in OSU’s Department of Horticulture and Landscape Architecture, recently was named the new director of The Botanic Garden at...

Brandinsight Trisha Gedon Jan 16, 2015

Striking back at cancer

Cancer Sucks Inc. has donated more than $150,000 to fund OSU research linking infections, disease
Brandinsight Sean Kennedy Jan 15, 2015

Cultural Exchange

Iranian student among hundreds widening OSU’s perspective
Brandinsight Shelby Holcomb Jan 14, 2015

From Marine to OSU

Fire Protection student building on military training
Brandinsight Shelby Holcomb Jan 12, 2015

Apple, Google and OSU?

OSU only educational organization named as one of four Green Power Partners of the Year
Brandinsight BrandInsight Dec 9, 2014

Covering the cost at OSU

Kyle Wray, Oklahoma State University vice president of Enrollment Management & Marketing and a fellow OSU parent, shares five tips on how students and families can best prepare financially for college in this video.

College is an important investment in your student’s future. We...

Brandinsight BrandInsight Dec 8, 2014

Recruiting American Indians to medicine and science

OSU Center for Health Sciences launches effort to bring American Indians to STEM careers
Brandinsight Sean Kennedy Oct 9, 2014

What drives a man to row his boat to Alaska?

Steve Price is motivated to set new world records. He's already set a record for pull-ups in a 24-hour period. His next challenge? A 750-mile Alaskan race.
Brandinsight Beverly Bryant Sep 23, 2014

Pups find their place in Pete’s Pet Posse

Therapy dogs from Pete's Pet Posse bring special comfort to the faculty, staff and students on the Oklahoma State University campus.
Brandinsight Beverly Bryant Sep 22, 2014

OSU’s commitment to diversity honored

Oklahoma State University wins a national award for its diversity and inclusion for the third straight year
Brandinsight Jim Mitchell Sep 22, 2014

Education for Life

Tom Bennett Jr. was already the chairman and co-CEO of First Oklahoma Bank. Now he has completed his Ph.D. in OSU's Business for Executives
Brandinsight Beverly Bryant Sep 22, 2014

Expanding the physician pipeline

OSU College of Osteopathic Medicine recruits and trains doctors for rural Oklahoma.
Brandinsight Sean Kennedy Sep 8, 2014

A day in the life of an OSU medical student

Operation Orange summer camps get high school students interested in being physicians.
Brandinsight Sean Kennedy Aug 25, 2014

Creepy bugs teach science

OSU’s Insect Adventure educates thousands of children each year
Brandinsight Beverly Bryant Aug 25, 2014

An ace’s legacy

One of OSU’s first tennis scholarships put family on the path to Stillwater
Brandinsight Terry Tush Aug 25, 2014

Oklahoma keeping its promise

State program ensures deserving students in need get college help
Brandinsight Beverly Bryant Aug 11, 2014

Technology deal in the wind

OSU’s Hargis announces training partnership in Ponca City
Brandinsight Beverly Bryant Aug 11, 2014

OSU’s Postal Plaza Gallery to show Senate Collection highlights

“Framing History: Highlights of the Oklahoma State Capitol Senate Collection” opens today at the OSU Museum of Art Postal Plaza Gallery. The collection features artworks ranging from oil paintings and watercolors to sculptures, but the unifying theme is the collection of frames that surround the...
Brandinsight BrandInsight Jul 2, 2014

OSU Regents approve block tuition plan

The Oklahoma State University-A&M Board of Regents has approved a block tuition plan to keep higher education affordable and accessible to more Oklahomans.

The plan is part of OSU’s “Finish in Four” initiative. A flat rate of $7,442 for tuition and universitywide fees applies to...

Brandinsight BrandInsight Jul 2, 2014

Early application to OSU can pay off

For many high school students, summertime means sleeping in, pool time and hanging out with friends. For those about to be seniors, it can include deciding on a college.

Oklahoma State University opened its application for admission and scholarships for the high school Class of 2015 on...

Brandinsight BrandInsight Jul 2, 2014

Adults and children make memories at OSU’s Grandparent University

Some of the students who were learning about firefighting and environmental law this summer may seem a bit on the young side, but they brought their own seasoned chaperones.

Since 2002, the OSU Alumni Association has welcomed OSU legacies, ages 7 to 13, and their grandparents to...

Brandinsight BrandInsight Jul 2, 2014

Watercolor paintings exhibited

An exhibition of watercolor paintings by Althea Wright, a Stillwater-based artist, continues through Aug. 30 at the Postal Plaza Gallery.

Wright is a former Oklahoma State University faculty member who taught in the Department of Family Relations and Child Development for 20 years. Her...

Brandinsight BrandInsight Jul 2, 2014

OSU is Oklahoma’s launching point for future

This is a great time to become an OSU Cowboy or Cowgirl.


Under the direction of President Burns Hargis, OSU continues to be the launching point for the future.


OSU is a thriving, growing university. Freshman enrollment has grown 23 percent, an increase...

Brandinsight BrandInsight Jun 23, 2014

Promising an opportunity for education

The Oklahoma Promise program offers deserving students their shot at success with free college tuition.


Students in grades 8, 9 and 10 may apply if their parents make $50,000 a year or less. To help assure academic success in college, certain preparatory classes must be...

Brandinsight BrandInsight Jun 23, 2014

Geothermal system keeps critters comfy at Oklahoma Aquarium

OSU’s innovation in geothermal energy protects the environment and provides long-term cost savings for businesses.


One example of a geothermal system is at the Oklahoma Aquarium in Jenks, which uses geothermal heating and cooling in its quarantine building, keeping the...

Brandinsight BrandInsight Jun 23, 2014

Video: Never a better time to become an OSU student

Dave Morris sits down for an interview with Kyle Wray, the vice president of enrollment and marketing at Oklahoma State University.

Brandinsight BrandInsight Jun 23, 2014

Improving Lives in Oklahoma for a Century

The Oklahoma Cooperative Extension Service is celebrating its first 100 years of extending knowledge and changing lives.


OSU Extension has worked with Oklahoma farmers, ranchers and families since 1914, providing the latest research and information on everything from...

Brandinsight BrandInsight Jun 23, 2014