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Oklahoma City Philharmonic

Providing Inspiration and Joy Through Orchestral Music

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Love for music, support for the OKC Philharmonic spans four generations in the Nichols family

In 1994, Mary and John Nichols gave the Oklahoma City Philharmonic a Steinway concert grand piano that many world-class artists have called “the finest instrument” they ever played. It was a gift that elevated the philharmonic to a whole new level. But it is also a symbol of a deep love and...
Arts Michaela Marx Wheatley Sep 1, 2016

OKC Philharmonic clarinetist inspires next generation of Oklahoma performers

So what does a highly-trained concert clarinetist do by day? A loaded question for Tara Heitz. The Oklahoma City Philharmonic clarinetist has many identities.

“Sometime I say, ‘I’m a clarinetist with the Oklahoma City Philharmonic.’ Or sometimes I say, ‘I’m a middle school teacher.’ And...

Arts Michaela Marx Wheatley Jan 26, 2016

The OKC Philharmonic and its people are woven into the fabric of our community

The momentary anticipation prior to the start of a concert holds mystery and anticipation. The audience may ask ‘who are these musicians?’ ‘How will their music touch me?’

Enter Maestro Joel Levine of the Oklahoma City Philharmonic who places the audience at ease and, soon under his...

Arts Michaela Marx Wheatley Oct 27, 2015