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Oklahoma City Museum of Art

OKCMOA: Celebrating the 70th birthday of OKC’s oldest, operational movie palace

Happy birthday, Samuel Roberts Noble Theater. The historic theater that seamlessly integrates with the rest of the Oklahoma City Museum of Art is in fact decades older than its surroundings. This month marks the 70th birthday of the theater – formerly known as the Centre Theater – which opened...
Arts Michaela Marx Wheatley Dec 18, 2017

Seven works of art not to miss this holiday season at OKCMOA

Oklahoma City makes it easy to get into the spirit of the season with many wonderful holiday traditions ranging from ice-skating at Myriad Gardens to marveling at magnificent lighting displays all over town. But if Jack Frost is nipping at your nose or you simply have not had a chance to pause...
Arts Michaela Marx Wheatley Dec 8, 2016

5 Chihuly art pieces every Oklahoman should know

For more than a decade now, the Oklahoma City Museum of Art has been a hub for glass art enthusiasts, bringing in visitors from across the country. The Museum’s permanent exhibition Dale Chihuly: Magic & Light, one of the largest collections of Chihuly glass in the world, pays homage to...
Arts Michaela Marx Wheatley Sep 29, 2016

Six works of art every Oklahoman should know

From a George Washington portrait that started it all, to a print of a flying pizza that caused a schism among Oklahoma City art supporters, a new exhibition at the Oklahoma City Museum of Art showcases the families, organizations and collectors that have brought an exceptional array of...

Arts Michaela Marx Wheatley Feb 29, 2016

Stitched into our cultural fabric: OKCMOA showcases the surprising similarities between quilting and abstract art

As unlikely artists, American quilters explored the color relationships that would make a splash in art galleries across the globe decades ahead of the abstract art movements that dominated the 20th century.

Oklahoma City Museum of Art’s current exhibition, Quilts and Color from...

Arts Michaela Marx Wheatley Dec 22, 2015

Fabergé exhibition brings Romanov luster to Oklahoma City

Between 1885 and 1916, Peter Karl Fabergé created fifty lavish eggs as Easter presents for Russia's last two emperors. These supreme examples of jewelers’ art have become symbols of the rise and fall of the Romanov Empire. Oklahomans now have a chance to take a close look at these rare...

Arts Michaela Marx Wheatley Jun 22, 2015