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OKC Auto Show

The 2019 Oklahoma City International Auto Show was the 102nd anniversary of the event presented annually by the Metropolitan Auto Dealers Association. MADA is a non-profit organization which serves and promotes the franchised new motor vehicle dealers of metro Oklahoma City. The Metropolitan Auto Dealers Association was formed in 1916 as the Oklahoma City Motor Car Dealers’ Association.

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Take a trip on Route 66 at the OKC International Auto Show

The show will feature classic vehicles, military vehicles and a large collection of 2020 cars and trucks from domestic and import manufacturers.
Business Eddie Roach Feb 26, 2020

OKC Auto Show to feature 2019 & 2020 models, 60s re-creation, historic autos and more

The stage is set and the cars are ready for the 102nd anniversary Oklahoma City International Auto Show on March 8-10 at the Bennett Event Center at the Oklahoma State Fair Park in Oklahoma City.
Business Eddie Roach Mar 4, 2019

OKC Auto Show to unveil original concept car model

The Oklahoma City International Auto Show always tries to give visitors something special.
Business Eddie Roach Feb 24, 2019

Futurliner at OKC Auto Show gives nostalgic glimpse of how engineers once envisioned the future

Of the dozen Futurliners manufactured, nine still exist. Futurliner #10 is coming to Oklahoma City during the 101st OKC Auto Show, March 9-11 at the Oklahoma State Fair Park. Before the Futurliner takes its place in the Auto Show it will tour the Oklahoma City streets as it did in 1955. It will...
News Michaela Marx Wheatley Mar 7, 2018

101st Oklahoma City Auto Show showcases past, celebrates future of automobiles

The Oklahoma City Auto Show is one of the largest consumer shows in Oklahoma and will feature a variety of entertaining activities for adults and kids.
News Michaela Marx Wheatley Mar 7, 2018

Re-creation of 1950s Auto Shows throwback to the Golden Age of American automobiles at OKC Auto Show

The 1950s were considered a golden age for the automobile, and many of those gems of American engineering will be on display during the 101st Oklahoma City Auto Show in the re-creation of the 1950 OKC Auto Show exhibit. The Oklahoma City International Auto Show will be held March 9-11 in the...
Life Michaela Marx Wheatley Mar 7, 2018

OKC Auto Show celebrates 100th birthday

The year was 1917, and cars were relatively new to the world. Just a few years earlier, Henry Ford invented the assembly line for mass production of cars in 1913, forever changing the world.  It did not take long until the enthusiasm for this new way to travel swept across the continent and...
Oklahoma city Michaela Marx Wheatley Mar 8, 2017

Car friends and local runners racing for a cause in sanctioned Auto Show 5K

Bright and early on Saturday morning, 5K veterans and casual participants alike will have the chance to pound pavement at the OKC Auto Show’s 5K race – a sanctioned USA Track and Field event. The 5K starts and finishes in the all-new Bennett Events Center, the newest addition to the Oklahoma...
Sports Brittany Dalton Mar 8, 2017

Auto show brings NASCAR gems to Oklahoma City

They are among the most iconic cars of NASCAR: the 1987 Bill Elliott Ford Thunderbird, 1973 Bobby Allison Chevrolet Malibu, 1988 Dale Earnhardt Sr. Monte Carlo, 1963 “Fireball” Roberts Ford and the 1969 David Pearson Torino.   Those gems of the NASCAR world will be on display...
Nascar Michaela Marx Wheatley Mar 8, 2017

Metro residents come together for coffee, cars and community at OKC Auto Show

Cherry red vintage cars, sleek sports cars, shining motorcycles – and piping hot coffee while you browse the gallery of cars. For a car enthusiast that’s the recipe for a perfect day. Why not make this part of your Saturday this week? Coffee and Cars OKC will meet from 8 to 10 a.m. on March...
Cars Brittany Dalton Mar 8, 2017