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Oklahoma Institute for Child Advocacy

ICA works to support child well-being in Oklahoma. For three decades, the Institute has informed and educated Oklahomans and state policymakers on the importance of investing wisely in children and families. When children thrive – our state thrives. Whether working with state policymakers and agencies, or with health, education, business and community organizations across our state, Oklahoma’s children — and our state’s economy — are reaping the benefits of the work we do together as voices for Oklahoma’s future. They are a local partner of the Annie E. Casey Foundation, which releases the annual KIDS COUNT Data Book as well as a recent report titled “Race for Results: Building a Path for Opportunity for All Children.”

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Oklahoma Institute for Child Advocacy, OK Foster Wishes partner to make holiday wishes come true for foster kids

A few years ago, Whitney Hollingsworth, a child welfare worker and foster parent for more than seven years, attended a holiday party for families who foster in Oklahoma. She saw a caseworker wander from table to table. Hollingsworth could tell by the look on the caseworker’s face that she needed...
Life Michaela Marx Wheatley Nov 16, 2017