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Northwest Technology Center

Northwest Technology Center (NWTC) has been serving high school and adult students from Major and Woods counties for over 30 years. Northwest Tech is one of 29 technology centers in Oklahoma which are accredited by the Oklahoma Department of Career and Technology Education. The Oklahoma Northwest Area Vocational-Technical School was formed in 1969 with the first classes for both the Alva and Fairview campuses being offered during the 1972-1973 school year. Austin Barragree served as superintendent from 1970 until 1985. Freelin Roberts served as superintendent from 1985 until 2009. Jane Bowen served as superintendent from 2009 until December 2011. Dr. Gerald Harris took over the reins of superintendent in January 2012. In recent years, the name has evolved from the Northwest Area Vocational-Technical School to the Northwest Technology Center. Along with the name change of the school has been the continuous update and change of program offerings.

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