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Norman Regional

Norman Regional Health System is a multi-campus system that serves healthcare needs throughout south central Oklahoma. NRHS is operated by Norman Regional Hospital Authority, a public trust, which serves the public interests and functions as a political subdivision of the State of Oklahoma.

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Norman Regional to expand cardiothoracic program with robotic surgery

The number one cause of death in Oklahomans, in both men and women, is heart disease. No one is more aware of this than area hospitals who are first in line to treat heart patients across the Oklahoma City metro. That’s why Norman Regional Health System is building out its cardiothoracic and...
Health Michaela Marx Wheatley Aug 25, 2016

Norman Regional committed to emergency services

In an emergency, every second counts. Norman Regional Health System officials said it is vital that communities can rely on local emergency and ambulance services to make the most of precious time during an emergency

And as with many things, local is often better.

Norman Regional...

Health care Michaela Marx Wheatley May 19, 2016

Norman Regional Moore readies for reopening three years after tornado ripped through hospital

Three years after an EF-5 tornado destroyed the former Moore Medical Center, doctors, nurses, staff and patients are getting ready to celebrate the return of the community healthcare center.

“If you think of a community like Moore, you have churches, post offices, schools. Having a...

Health Michaela Marx Wheatley May 2, 2016