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New View Oklahoma

NewView Oklahoma seeks to empower blind and vision impaired individuals to achieve their maximum potential through rehabilitation, employment, and community outreach. Formerly Oklahoma League for the Blind, NewView Oklahoma provides comprehensive low vision services to Oklahomans of all ages through its comprehensive low vision clinics in Oklahoma City and Tulsa. Currently, the organization provides more than 100 jobs to blind and visually-impaired individuals, and offers community programs for people of all ages living with blindness and visually impairments including art classes, a dragon boating team, summer camps and support groups.

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NewView offers certified diabetes self-management classes

NewView Oklahoma offers a program to educate people with diabetes about managing their illness and reducing the risk of diabetes-related eye conditions.
Health Eddie Roach Jul 25, 2019

Globe Life gift provides dual opportunity for NewView

The NewView Oklahoma/Globe Life Lodge is available for rental by businesses or groups, and it will be the new home for NewView’s free summer camp for visually impaired teens.
Business Eddie Roach Jul 1, 2019

Blind worker credits NewView for providing opportunity

Gaylon Young lost his sight five years ago, but he didn’t lose his ability to live independently and work productively.
Business Eddie Roach May 29, 2019

NewView program helps prepare youth for life after high school

Called “Keys to Work,” it is a transition program providing job-readiness and independent living skills to prepare them for college or careers.
Life Eddie Roach Apr 30, 2019

NewView creating career paths for vision impaired workers

NewView Oklahoma is preparing to offer a series of technology and business focused certification programs.
Business Eddie Roach Mar 29, 2019

NewView looks to mid-March for move

NewView Oklahoma, the state’s leading provider of low vision rehabilitation programs, is ready for its move into a newly renovated facility.
Business Eddie Roach Feb 21, 2019

NewView anxious to move into new Home of Hope

Construction is nearing completion on a renovated facility that will house NewView Oklahoma’s low vision rehabilitation programs.
Life Eddie Roach Dec 21, 2018

NewView team produces life-saving fire hoses in year of record-breaking devastation

It’s been one of the most destructive wildfire seasons in recorded history. Oklahoma Forestry Services officials have said it is one of the most active years on record for the state, and the United States Forest Service reported that 2017 is shaping up to be a worse than average fire year based...
Business BrandInsight Sep 8, 2017

Empowering the blind and vision-impaired: ‘It goes from isolation to socialization’

Progressive vision loss or blindness is a diagnosis that terrifies many, because people not only fear the loss of sight, but of their independence. But it doesn’t have to be that way. For decades, NewView Oklahoma’s Low Vision Clinic has worked to empower the blind and visually-impaired to...
Health Michaela Marx Wheatley Jun 22, 2017

Visually-impaired Dragon Boat racers compete at Stars and Stripes Festival this Saturday

"Paddles up" shouts the coach. The team of rowers hold their paddles high. "Paddles ready." Rowers lean forward in place. "Row!" Twelve paddles hit the water and the crew begins rowing in sync to the beat of the drum. Boom. Boom. Boom.

"I like being on the water," Kenny Randall said....

Health Michaela Marx Wheatley Jun 22, 2016

Through the eyes of the blind: Seniors can maintain independence through vision technologies and adaptive aides

Loyd Warier  is an accomplished wood carver and retired US Veteran.  He loves working in his wood shop.

Now in his late-eighties, Warier suffers from macular degeneration, an age-related eye disease that impacts roughly 55 percent of the patients seen at NewView...

Health care Michaela Marx Wheatley May 25, 2016

Through the eyes of the blind: Two Oklahomans share their stories

Katy Ng wakes up each morning at 4 a.m. to prepare for work. It takes her about an hour to get ready, have breakfast and get out the door. Before she leaves her home at 5 a.m. she checks Facebook to get the latest updates on her friends and family. Though she can’t see her iPhone screen...

Business Michaela Marx Wheatley Apr 27, 2016

Watersports and Oklahoma adventures: OWL Camp for visually-impaired kids boosts confidence

When OWL Camp is over, campers are a little sad to say goodbye to their new friends. Fun in the sun. Kayaking. Non-stop activity. OWL camp is just like any of the other camp held all across Oklahoma throughout the summer. What’s exceptional are the campers.

NewView Oklahoma believes...

Health Michaela Marx Wheatley Aug 31, 2015

NewView Oklahoma sets standards for services for the blind and visually-impaired

Dorothy Bailey is a very independent lady who wants to continue living in her own home that she and her late husband built. It’s the place they raised three children. But Dorothy is slowly losing her vision due to Glaucoma and has become increasingly insecure about completing daily living...

Health Michaela Marx Wheatley Aug 31, 2015

OKC Icons: Oklahoma City’s most recognizable sights through the eyes of the visually impaired

As Oklahoma grows and evolves, our city has drawn admiration from communities across the nation. Our sights and sounds can hang with the best of them. You see the Devon Tower and you know where you are, the Bricktown Ballpark is as recognizable as some of the big name parks, and nothing says...

Health Michaela Marx Wheatley Aug 31, 2015