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Mount St. Mary

The Mount is a faith community serving our students and their families with mercy, compassion and an exceptional Christ-centered Catholic education.

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Vote in The Oklahoman's city-area high school football Player of the Week Fan Poll

The Oklahoman’s Fans’ Choice Player of the Week poll for the top performances by OKC-area players in Week 5 highlight some standout individual performances.

The poll is live, and fans can vote once before it closes at 4 p.m. Tuesday. Results of the poll will appear in Wednesday's...

Sports Jacob Unruh Sep 29, 2018

Mount St. Mary hires former Douglass coach Willis Alexander

Mount St. Mary announced the hiring of its next football coach on Tuesday. 

In a tweet, Mount St. Mary announced that former Douglass football coach Willis Alexander had been hired as the head football coach.

Mount St. Mary lost head coach Derick Perkins earlier this month...

Sports Adam Kemp May 22, 2018

Mount St. Mary graduates most successful class to date

Mount St. Mary Catholic High School just sent its 111th graduating class into the world and what a group it is.

The class is boasting five AP Scholars, two National Merit Commended students and one National Merit finalist, the average weighted GPA of the Class of 2016 was a 3.77 and the...

Religion Michaela Marx Wheatley Jun 20, 2016