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Meridian Technology Center

Located in Stillwater, Meridian Technology Center provides customized education and training services for individuals, industries and communities. The school is part of a network of 29 technology centers across the state. Since 1975, Meridian has been training individuals for success in the workplace. A wide variety of course offerings makes career education possible for students from all walks of life: career training majors, professional and personal interest classes, online classes and business solutions including customized training and entrepreneur services. Meridian is governed by the State Department of Career and Technology Education. Oklahoma’s CareerTech agency is governed by the State Board of Career and Technology Education and works closely with the State Department of Education and the State Regents for Higher Education.

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Aerospace manufacturer’s production taking off in Stillwater

As one of the world’s seven global aerospace hubs, Oklahoma is home to the largest military and commercial aircraft maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) operations in the United States.
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Thinking inside the box brings success to Stillwater startup

Saravan Kumar likes to think inside the box. After all, that’s what has made his business successful. He is the director of Research for MaxQ, a startup located in the Center for Business Development at Meridian Technology Center in Stillwater.

The company is developing a series of multi-use,...

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