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Lyric Theatre of Oklahoma

For over 50 years, Lyric has produced classic and contemporary musicals and plays featuring both nationally known Broadway stars and local favorites. Lyric produces four large-scale, fully orchestrated musicals at the Civic Center Music Hall each summer, as well as several smaller works at the Plaza Theatre during the spring, fall and winter.

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Lyric keeps theatre live and relevant, director says

Lyric fulfills it's mission from two venues with different productions geared to each location.
Arts Eddie Roach May 13, 2019

Local talent, seasoned pros create magic on stage at Oklahoma’s Lyric Theatre

“The plan is to fan this spark into a flame.” —Hamilton, “My Shot” Each year thousands of actors move to the Big Apple to kick start careers in the theatre. For many Oklahoma actors the spark that will carry them there was ignited at Lyric Theatre of Oklahoma....
Arts Michaela Marx Wheatley Jul 7, 2016