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Lewis Jewelers

Glenn Lewis started Lewis Jewelers at the tender age of twenty-one, after working the business as a bench jeweler. He invited his eighteen year old brother, Tim, whom had also worked in the retail jewelry business to join him in the venture. Together, the Lewis brothers and their staff have built Lewis Jewelers into one of the premier fine jewelry stores in the entire southwest. They have recently completed an expansion of their free-standing store along busy Interstate 35 in Moore, Oklahoma. The store is now almost 8,400 square feet, with an incredible selection of fine jewelry, spectacular gemstones, and an immense selection of engagement and wedding rings. The selection of bridal is the largest in the state of Oklahoma.

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Deeply rooted in the community, Lewis Jewelers is rare gem in the diamond business

It all started with a kid from Moore and his passion for rocks. When Glenn Lewis was 12 years old, he liked to collect rocks, polish and shape them. He started selling them for 25 cents apiece to a local vendor and soon he had the neighborhood kids working for him. “I just liked rocks from the...
Business Michaela Marx Wheatley Jun 19, 2017