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Laird Hammons Laird

When facing legal challenges, it is vital that you have a lawyer on your side with a proven track record of excellence in and out of the courtroom. Our personalized approach empowers you and puts you in control of your situation. Our commitment to our clients has made us one of the most trusted law firms in Oklahoma City. We are a full-service law firm with offices in Oklahoma City and Claremore allowing us to represent you statewide.No matter what type of attorney you need at your side, Laird Hammons Laird has the skills and experience.

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Oklahoma City attorney celebrates 40 years of practicing law

Jeff Laird was raised to believe the purpose of the law is to work for the good of the people, and he has put that value into practice as a personal injury attorney for the past 40 years. “My dad was a lawyer and I always wanted to be the type of lawyer that worked for people, helped people, as...
Business Michaela Marx Wheatley Nov 7, 2016