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Hospital Discount Pharmacy

Hospital Discount Pharmacy in Edmond opened for business in 1974 by Charles Braden. Since then the pharmacy has maintained the philosophy of ‘meeting patient's needs through personal service’. This philosophy applies to every service we offer.

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Edmond pharmacy features special department for new moms

Edmond Baby provides pregnancy support resources, breastfeeding supplies like breast pump replacement parts, and specialty bottle feeding accessories.
Life BrandInsight Feb 17, 2019

Edmond pharmacy offers test that forewarns of medication-related complications

Mariah Carey is the perfect example. The popular singer recently revealed in a “People” magazine interview that she has struggled for years with bipolar disorder. Among her many difficulties along the way was finding the right medicine to treat her condition. Carey described dealing with...
Brandinsight BrandInsight May 15, 2018

Get to know your local pharmacist during American Pharmacists Month

Combine the uncertainty of health care reform with escalating medicine prices and the push for mail order prescriptions filled by people you have never seen and you come up with one scary concoction. One Oklahoma pharmacy offers an alternative. Hospital Discount Pharmacy co-owner Lee Munoz said...
Brandinsight BrandInsight Oct 23, 2017