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When Oklahomans think of quality groceries, they think of Homeland. No matter if you need a couple of items or a whole cart full of groceries, Homeland has what you need to keep a well-stocked pantry. With stores all across the state, their neighborhood stores offer a wide variety of national, regional, and local brands.

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Buy it or Make it: The foolproof guide to holiday entertaining

The holidays can be a busy time, and if you’re hosting a gathering at your place, odds are you’re even more strapped for time. When you map out the holiday meal, some dishes are worth making yourself, and others aren’t worth the time.

“Holiday entertaining is an art form, but it...

Food Carrie Jacobs Dec 18, 2015

Easy ‘recipes’ that will win you the holiday potluck without suffering Pinterest Stress Syndrome

Have you ever heard of Pinterest-induced Stress Syndrome? It’s real.

Presentation, table décor and delectable treats use to fall under the expertise of trained chefs, but, thanks to Pinterest, many of us feel the need to step it up when it comes to entertaining.

According to a...

Food Michaela Marx Wheatley Dec 9, 2015

Dodge the holiday weight gain: Healthier Thanksgiving recipes and habits can make a difference to your waist line

Ahh, Thanksgiving recipes: it’s the ‘who is who’ of delicious but fat- and calorie-laden dishes, but you don't have to put your health on hold for the holidays.

“Thanksgiving makes me think of spending quality time around the dinner table catching up with friends and family and eating...

Food Michaela Marx Wheatley Nov 19, 2015

Move over turkey: Thanksgiving side dishes with potential to outshine the main event

This time of the year Oklahoma still has a lot of great fresh, local produce to offer, so why not showcase some of the goods on your Thanksgiving table? The best Thanksgiving side dishes should feature the flavors of autumn, such as delectable fall vegetable, tangy-sweet cranberries,...

Food Michaela Marx Wheatley Nov 12, 2015

Shaking up turkey day: Alternatives to the traditional Thanksgiving turkey recipe

Turkey may be the traditional centerpiece to a Thanksgiving table, but there are no laws that you must serve the poultry to create a show-stopping dinner. For a holiday meal with a twist, you can create a festive main course that will please guests but will simply be something new,...

Food Michaela Marx Wheatley Nov 11, 2015