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Francis Tuttle

Francis Tuttle Technology Center serves high school juniors and seniors who reside in our partner school districts, as well as adults, with career-specific training to maintain a quality workforce. Two Academy programs prepare high school sophomores, juniors and seniors for the academic rigor of university-level degree programs. Francis Tuttle also offers complete business and industry training and consulting services, short-term training for career enhancement or leisure activities, and a variety of offerings via the online campus. All programs and services maintain high standards for the benefit of the individuals served, and for those businesses who employ them.

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New Francis Tuttle chief strives to overcome state's skills gap

Michelle Keylon, the new superintendent of Francis Tuttle Technology Center, knows all too well that vo-tech once was considered an alternative for high school students who weren’t headed to college.

But today’s career tech programs are more than rigorous, relevant — and agile — for...

Business Paula Burkes Sep 15, 2019

Oklahoma companies, large and small, profit from training

Francis Tuttle’s Business and Industry Services clients receive personalized, affordable training with bottom line results
Brandinsight Ken Koch Mar 20, 2015