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Get some fall fashion tips from some of Oklahoma City’s favorite fashion gurus. From boho chic to sophisticated luxury outerwear, fall in love with the rich possibilities that fashion offers this season. Over the next four weeks, a number of well-known Oklahoma fashion retailers will share the must-have trends for the fall with NewsOK readers. Every Thursday through Oct. 15.

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Telling your story via jewelry is still trending

Big pieces inspired by far away places and different cultures are a must this fall. However, when investing in jewelry you want to make sure that your pieces are sophisticated, timeless and elegant.
Life BrandInsight Oct 1, 2015

Underscore you fall style with a statement bag

From totes to top handles, bucket bags, backpacks and cross-body bags in warm hues, textures and prints, we have so many styles to choose from — it’s all about finding the right bag for you this fall.

“While it is so easy to gravitate towards a black bag, especially...

Life BrandInsight Oct 14, 2015

Treat your post-summer hair with gentle cleanse

Community service is a part of the culture at Eden Salon & Spa, and the team will held a highlight and haircut makeover for a local women’s group at their annual “Jewel” Fashion show.
Life BrandInsight Oct 14, 2015

Spanish style cozies up your feet in style this fall

Looking some winter boots with this extra piece of pizzazz? A bit of European style on a blistery Oklahoma autumn day?

Try Pedro Garcia. Made in Spain from nothing but the finest materials. But what really makes them special is the design.

“This season's styles in suede and...

Life BrandInsight Oct 14, 2015

Outerwear that is serious about keeping you warm

When the weather takes a turn and shows it’s true fall colors, you want some outerwear that is both tough and looks good.

“Patagonia and The North Face have made keeping warm fashionable in every situation,” said Ginna Bloom of Loabi in Yukon. “From football games in Oklahoma to skiing...

Life BrandInsight Oct 14, 2015

Style goes animalistic

This quintessential autumnal pattern is back in 2015 with a vengeance. Any style maven can peg this trend with their favorite look.
Life BrandInsight Oct 14, 2015

Classic style with some Southern flavor preps up your fall staples

Southern Tide is another of SJ Haggard’s classic staples. The brand was founded by a 23 year-old who saw a need in the marketfor high-quality clothing with a classic Southern style. The idea was to take modern design elements and combine them with his love for old southern culture and...

Life BrandInsight Oct 13, 2015

The only suit you will ever want to wear

The upside to choosing high quality suits is that they can be dressed up or down easily depending on occasion. So the investment in a good suit pays off.
Life BrandInsight Oct 1, 2015

Booties take fall by storm

Whether tied, zipped, fringed, flat, platform or studded—there's an ankle boot out there for you this fall. And they aren’t your wardrobe staple of yesteryear.

“It is a very comfortable look that accommodates any calf size and offers varying heel heights,” said Holly McGowen, owner of...

Life BrandInsight Sep 24, 2015