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Express Employment Professionals

Express Employment Professionals is a leading staffing provider in the U.S., Canada and South Africa. Every day, we help job seekers find work and help businesses find qualified employees. Express Employment Professionals puts people to work. The company generated $3.4 billion in sales and employed more than 540,000 people in 2017. Our long-term goal is to put a million people to work annually. Founded in 1983, Express has over 800 franchise locations worldwide.

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Staffing in the modern workforce: Dispelling common myths about staffing companies

An Intuit study estimates the current gig economy – referring to the increased tendency for businesses to hire independent contractors and short-term workers - to be roughly 34 percent, about 4 million people, of the American workforce with the number expected to increase to 43 percent by 2020....
Business Sheena Karami Apr 27, 2018

Express Employment Professionals celebrates 35 years of putting people to work

Thirty-five years ago, founders William H. Stoller, Robert A. Funk and James Gray were left with a tough decision after the dissolution of their employer, Acme Personnel. The three banded together to form Express Employment Professionals and established the headquarters in Oklahoma City.
Business Sheena Karami Apr 17, 2018

Battle of the barriers: Workers want jobs, but seven barriers are in their way

While unemployment is at new lows in the U.S., it is easy to overlook Americans who are still on the sidelines. They want to work but are unable to secure a job. The headlines hide the struggles of millions of families. A deeper look reveals barriers that stand in their way. According to the...
Employment Sheena Karami Apr 10, 2018