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Epic Charter Schools

Epic Charter Schools are an accredited school system that serves students in all Oklahoma counties. The school is proudly sponsored by Rose State College to serve students in Oklahoma and Tulsa Counties. In addition, the school is sponsored by the Oklahoma Virtual Charter School Board to serve students statewide.

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EPIC's UTeach program: growing teachers through innovation

UTeach aims to train degreed professionals – but not with education degrees – to become special education teachers via a unique, fast-track teacher certification program.
News Eddie Roach Feb 25, 2020

EPIC’s student news network recognized for excellence

EPIC News Network was created so students could learn the journalism trade and create print, broadcast, digital and podcasts of their local news and happenings at the state Capitol.
Education Eddie Roach Jan 31, 2020

EPIC Principal of the Year one of ‘original 30’ teachers

When the nine-year EPIC Charter Schools veteran educator recently was named Principal of the Year, it came as a shock to no one.
Education Eddie Roach Dec 30, 2019

EPIC Principal of the Year one of ‘original 30’ teachers

When Adam Wilhelm speaks about his love of education, his passion is undeniable. His face lights up with excitement when he recounts stories of igniting a love of learning in the hundreds of students he has taught over the years.

When the nine-year EPIC Charter Schools veteran educator...

News Eddie Roach Dec 29, 2019

EPIC reading program helps dyslexic student

He was not only struggling with reading but everything academically, including math.
Life Eddie Roach Nov 30, 2019

LGBTQ youth welcomed by EPIC Charter Schools

October is National LGBT History Month, with October 11 serving as National Coming Out Day, a time to support those coming out and raise awareness.
Life Eddie Roach Oct 11, 2019

EPIC Charter Schools joining with Army for student program

Focused heavily on leadership, character development and life skills, the STAR (Students Taking Active Roles) Club Program’s goal is to put high school students in close contact with local Army soldiers.
Education Eddie Roach Jun 14, 2019

EPIC graduate on her way to master’s degree

Jasmine Parks of Guthrie is literally dedicating her life to ending the cycle of childhood abuse.
Education Eddie Roach May 31, 2019

Innovative teaching, flexibility, compensation encouraged veteran educator to 'jump' to EPIC

A blended approach of online curriculum and one-on-one attention from teachers like Regina Bell makes up the bulk of EPIC’s more than 700 teachers who are distributed throughout Oklahoma’s 77 counties.
Education Eddie Roach Apr 19, 2019

Report: EPIC Charter Schools among state's most cost-efficient schools

A study released earlier this month ranked EPIC Charter Schools among the top schools when it comes to getting the biggest bang for its academic buck.
Life Eddie Roach Mar 23, 2019

Online charter school helps student achieve rodeo dreams

Sydney Frey was practically born for the saddle – her dad a former National Finals Rodeo bareback rider and her mom a barrel racer. Now a high school senior at EPIC Charter Schools, it is her time to shine. Her sport takes time and practice but she makes time for school. The Marlow, Okla.,...
Education Michaela Marx Wheatley Aug 17, 2017

EPIC rolls out new option for families

In less than six weeks, students at EPIC Charter Schools will return to their studies. Usually this means starting work on a new customized curriculum that students complete online. But this year the charter school has added a new option. EPIC is expanding to include physical learning centers in...
Education Michaela Marx Wheatley Aug 4, 2017

How EPIC Charter School creates student success through customized instruction

The goal of every teacher is to see students reach their potential. To help students achieve their goals, sometimes teachers must tailor their approach to a student’s specific needs. EPIC Charter School, an online-based pre-K through 12 program for Oklahoma students, helps these students...
Education Michaela Marx Wheatley Jul 20, 2017

Charter school and Rose State partner to bring learning centers to OK and Tulsa counties

When Oklahoma children go back to school this fall, students of the online-based EPIC Charter Schools will have the opportunity to add in-classroom educational experiences through onsite learning centers in Tulsa and Oklahoma counties. School officials said the move will allow them to serve...
Education Michaela Marx Wheatley Jul 12, 2017