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EnergyHQ is your go-to source for the latest on how American energy is powering our today and tomorrow. We’re passionate about our country. Our resources. And how they’re used. We take pride in seeing skilled industry professionals go to work. And want to show the world how our country is creating a new standard with innovation and technology – driven by the next generation of oil and natural gas.

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For 25 years, nearly 17,000 restorations voluntarily funded

The Oklahoma Energy Resources Board has made it its mission to clean up orphaned and abandoned well sites by removing bygone remnants of past energy-production.
Business BrandInsight Mar 27, 2019

Meet Oscar: A dedicated Oklahoman impacting global change

Melendez sees firsthand how the contributions of a small town can play an important role far beyond city limits.
Business BrandInsight Apr 1, 2019

Meet Oscar: a dedicated Oklahoman impacting global change

Small town pride is alive and well in Ringwood, Oklahoma. Just ask one of its most devoted residents, Oscar Melendez.

“We have a great community. If you’re not farming, you’re probably a teacher, in oil and gas, the military or a veteran. We’re all mixed together and very close-knit....

Business BrandInsight Oct 1, 2018

Leading a new generation of oil and natural gas professionals

Miranda Dunham takes pride in the oil and natural gas industry’s commitment to protecting the environment.
Business BrandInsight Jan 28, 2019

Sapulpa junior high teacher Darius Todd is hopeful about the future.

As a science teacher, Darius Todd encourages students to pursue studies in STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics).
Business BrandInsight Nov 26, 2018

Oseberg: Oklahoma start-up unlocks the disruptive power of data in oil and gas

On the second floor of a vintage brick building in Oklahoma City’s Automobile Alley, a new tech start-up works behind the scenes, quietly turning one of the nation’s largest industries on its head. Oseberg shares its name with an ancient Viking ship unearthed in Norway in 1904, as well as one of...
Blog BrandInsight Feb 23, 2017

GreaseBook challenges conventional thinking, for the better

The oil and gas industry has a proud history of hard work, determination, grit, and using proven conventional methods to get the job done. Greg Archbald, a savvy entrepreneur who’s challenging conventional thinking, is demonstrating these values with GreaseBook and infusing them with innovation....
Business BrandInsight Dec 8, 2016