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Economy Hearing Aid Centers Inc.

Local hearing aid company spreads the gift of hearing to third world countries

John Bachman‚Äôs memories of Kenya are not of armed security guards posted everywhere, but of enormous circus tents, filled to the brim with hundreds of children and adults.   Bachman, owner of Oklahoma City-based Economy Hearing, visited Africa on a recent mission trip as a supporter of The...
Business BrandInsight Sep 25, 2016

Mobile units bring hearing aids, care to Oklahoman communities in need

It began with a truck, a trailer, and an idea: bringing the gift of hearing to people who did not have access to those resources in their hometown. Economy Hearing opened its first brick-and-mortar location in northwest Oklahoma City 27 years ago with the simple mission of making hearing...
Business BrandInsight Sep 25, 2016

Oklahoma hearing aid company builds legacy on price and value

Twenty-seven years ago Economy Hearing opened its first location with a business model that seemed odd to many: at a time when hearing aids sold for around $900, Economy Hearing was offering the same aid for $295. In the years since, however, Economy Hearing has grown from a one-man show run by...
Business BrandInsight Sep 25, 2016