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Harold Hamm Diabetes Center

Harold Hamm Diabetes Center at the University of Oklahoma serves as a catalyst for eradicating the diabetes epidemic through cutting-edge research focused on progress toward a cure for diabetes and its complications, dramatically improved patient care for those suffering from the disease, and programs aimed at preventing people from developing diabetes before it starts.

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Winning the fair’s Food Row with better-for-you choices

If you’re watching what you eat for medical or dietary reasons, a trip to the state fair may cause some anxiety. But don’t despair. Fair food fun can be had by all.

The Oklahoma State Fair features a wild assortment of fried treats and bacon-wrapped delights, but it has a surprising...

Health Kylie Kallsen Sep 12, 2018

Why we love fair food so much

Vendors at the Oklahoma State Fair sure know what entices fairgoers’ tongues. What is it that makes us start salivating at the thought of a corn dog, double-fried candies, a turkey leg dripping in juice, or a monstrous burger served on a donut? A look at the science behind our fair food...

Food Michaela Marx Wheatley Sep 12, 2018

Holiday eats: Why we splurge and how to control it

Did you know a turkey can run up to 20 miles per hour? How fast can you run after eating your Thanksgiving meal – roasted turkey included? We thought so. Thanksgiving kicks off a season filled with friends and family, with food, sweets and drinks, which has most of us feeling our jeans pinch a...
Health Michaela Marx Wheatley Nov 22, 2017

The ultimate Oklahoma State Fair Food Guide

One thing is for sure: There is no shortage of food at the Oklahoma State Fair. Of course, there are the staples such as Indian tacos and funnel cakes. But then there are creative and exotic creations like Twinkie bacon cheese sliders or gator burgers that are hard to pass up. We love the fair...
Food Michaela Marx Wheatley Sep 13, 2017

The science of fair food

At this year’s Oklahoma State Fair, there is no shortage of creative and crazy snacks. The fair is synonymous with fried, sweet or salty culinary delights. They are once-a-year indulgences - and vendors sure know what tickles fairgoers’ tongues. But why do we love fair food so much? A look at...
Health Michaela Marx Wheatley Sep 15, 2017

Knowledge is powerful tool in the fight against Oklahoma’s diabetes epidemic, experts say

Aaron Heffley was frustrated. He had recently been diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes, but the treatment wasn’t working. Heffley began looking for better options, and that’s when he came across Harold Hamm Diabetes Center, where he met his current endocrinologist. “She literally saved my live...
Health Michaela Marx Wheatley Oct 28, 2016