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Cox Business

Cox Business is a strategic communications company that provides reliable, voice, Internet and video services for businesses and companies of all sizes. The company is part of Atlanta, Georgia-based Cox Communications, one of the nation’s foremost broadband communications and entertainment companies. Cox first began serving commercial customers in 1993. Their success in business communications has been attributed to an intense focus on customer satisfaction, advanced products that meet today’s rapidly changing technology needs, and the company’s overall financial stability. Today, Cox Business has a presence in 17 states, with more than 300,000 business customers. Cox Business designs, builds and maintains its own network, which is a key differentiator for the telecom industry. The Cox Business fiber network is built with high-level redundancy, and a solid ring-based architecture; this fully managed, facilities-based network helps ensure that your business always receives a highly reliable portfolio of products and services. In 2007, Cox Business was the first carrier to launch a fully hosted and managed IP telephony solution. Since then, Cox Business has grown to be the fifth largest provider of Ethernet services in the nation. To learn more about Cox Business products and services, visit

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New solutions for a remote workforce

As working at home becomes more routine, many forward-thinking employers are taking extra measures to ensure employee productivity isn’t hindered by connectivity challenges.
Business Eddie Roach Aug 9, 2020

How Cloud Technology Can Help Your Small Business Be More Competitive

One key way to take advantage of your position is to utilize cloud technologies that can help your business operate more efficiently.
Business BrandInsight Dec 8, 2019

Why customer phone support still matters for small businesses

In the age of live chat and social media support, it’s easy to think that offering phone support is no longer necessary for customer experience. But don’t underestimate the value of individual human interaction to customers’ perception of your business. When a customer truly needs help right...

Business BrandInsight Mar 28, 2016

Five ways to improve your business’ waiting room experience

For some categories of business, the waiting room is  at the heart of the operation. Whether for a customer waiting while a service is being performed, or because service providers are running behind, there’s destined to be some amount of waiting involved in most customers’ interactions...

Business BrandInsight Mar 28, 2016

Weathering the Storms: Disaster recovery insights for small business

In his book “An Astronaut’s Guide to Life on Earth,” Chris Hadfield talks about thinking of everything that could go wrong during space flight and having a solution for every potential risk.  Absolutely nothing is left to chance.

The lesson learned from Hadfield is that success is...

Business John Odgers Mar 28, 2016

How to get the most out of free customer WiFi

You’ve probably heard quite a bit about what offering free customer WiFi can do for your company. It attracts new business, encourages reviews and other customer-generated content, and generally increases both sales and customer satisfaction. Sounds great, right?

“It is—but it’s...

Business BrandInsight Mar 28, 2016

Study shows small business are winning big in today’s marketplace

A recently released survey, the 2015 Cox Consumer Pulse on Small Businesses, shows that 92 percent of consumers around the country visit a small business at least once a week – with 46 percent patronizing a small business three or more times a week.

In recent years, the movement toward...

Business John Odgers Sep 28, 2015

8 ways Cloud backup can make your business more competitive

A company’s most valuable asset is arguably its data, which needs to be backed-up, stored, and secured so that it’s available to the organization when and where needed. 

“Businesses need more than a localized storage capacity for security and continuity purposes,” said Steve...

Business John Odgers Sep 28, 2015

Why every business needs fast WiFi connectivity

Technology has leveled the corporate playing field, allowing small businesses to compete with much larger companies. Because of today’s technology demands, reliable Internet is a must for your business. A strong Internet connection, complete with wireless capabilities, will serve as the...

Business John Odgers Sep 28, 2015

How much Internet do I need? Selecting a new Internet service provider made easy

Internet service is the heart of any business today, powering everything from telephone service to video conferences. Because so much of your business depends on a reliable, fast Internet connection, it’s important that you choose the best Internet service for your environment.

“You can...

Business John Odgers Sep 28, 2015

Deciphering tech jargon: Terms you need to know before buying business phone service

When it comes to 21st-century telephone systems, there’s no shortage of cryptic acronyms and confusing terminology. Having the right technology is critical to the success of every business. However, understanding what you really need is important to your bottom line. Regardless of company...

Business Ashley Perkins Sep 28, 2015

A new approach to business telephone

Cox Business' cloud-based, fully-managed phone system offers advanced features with no upfront capital investment
Business John Odgers Apr 3, 2015

Five reasons your business needs WiFi

Surveys show that nearly 80 percent of all small businesses consider WiFi to be “important” or “very important” to the success of their companies. While reliable WiFi is important from a business operations perspective, the more important factor is the relevance wireless connectivity has in the...
Business BrandInsight Apr 2, 2015

Cox Charities supports Oklahoma communities

At Cox Communications, community involvement is more than a commitment, it’s is a way of life. Cox Charities is the primary way we support local communities. The mission of Cox Charities is to strengthen the communities we live and work in through the support of programs that positively impact...
Business BrandInsight Apr 2, 2015

Four benefits of secure online backup

From hard drive documents to years of critical computer files; your business data is vital to ongoing success. There are multiple ways data can be compromised, from malicious tampering to severe storms and power surges — so why take a chance? Cox Business offers safe, secure and integrated online...
Business BrandInsight Apr 2, 2015

Cox Business, helping build success stories one business at a time

Cox Business products are designed to meet the needs of any size organization. “Big or small, we strive to provide maximum efficiency for every business and organization we serve,” says Ashley Perkins, sales director for Cox Business, Oklahoma City. “Our goal is to custom-fit each individual...
Business BrandInsight Apr 2, 2015