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Confluence Conference

Confluence Conference is Oklahoma City’s annual digital marketing summit. Online marketing thought leaders from across the country will be presenting at ConfluenceCon Sept. 14 and 15. Now in its fifth year, Confluence will be at the Bricktown Events Center in Oklahoma City. Confluence features digital creatives and experts in digital marketing, branding, public relations, advertising, social media, SEO, search, content marketing, blogging, online conversions, analytics and more.

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Diverse group of Confluence speakers to offer actionable marketing tips, promote networking

Confluence Conference and its slew of digital marketing experts are due to arrive in Oklahoma City for the sixth year. The two-day conference is scheduled for Sept. 20-21 at the Tower Theater in the city’s Uptown 23rd District. Tickets are now on sale.

As every year, conference...

Business Kylie Kallsen Sep 10, 2018

Conferences: Great investment in employees or a waste of money?

Sending employees to conferences isn’t a cheap proposition. Apart from the fact that they are away from the office, conferences and associated travel often have a hefty price tag.

So, if you decide to invest in your employees in this manner, there better be a decent ROI, right?

Business Michaela Marx Wheatley Jun 7, 2018

Back to the future of digital marketing

This year the Confluence Conference logo glows in a neon pink reminiscent of the 1980s – a time before the Internet and digital marketing. Yet, the digital marketing conference – Sept. 14-15 at the Chevy Bricktown Event Center in Oklahoma City – chose this vintage inspired theme, giving a...
Business Michaela Marx Wheatley Sep 6, 2017

Confluence speakers look at human element of digital marketing

In less than three weeks, marketers from across the region will come to Oklahoma City for Confluence Conference. This year’s Confluence presentations focus on both the human element of digital marketing as well as looking ahead to the future of the discipline. “Our speaker lineup is unique this...
Business Michaela Marx Wheatley Aug 29, 2017

Confluence Conference gears up for 2017 digital marketing conference

This fall, Confluence Conference will bring together marketers and communicators from across the region with leading digital marketing experts from across the nation for the fifth time. Confluence Conference will be held Sept. 14 and 15 at the Chevy Bricktown Events Center in downtown Oklahoma...
Business Michaela Marx Wheatley Feb 24, 2017

Digital marketing and Oklahoma City share the spotlight at Confluence Conference

The best stories come from big dreams and humble beginnings, and Confluence Conference certainly fits the bill. In 2012, a small team of digital marketers recognized the need for Oklahoma City’s growing marketing community to come together and learn from the industry’s leaders, evolve their...
Business Michaela Marx Wheatley Sep 15, 2016

Oklahoma responds to growing need for digital marketing skills with educational opportunities

As there aren’t many specific digital marketing degree programs, how do colleges prepare students for an online marketing career, and how do longtime professional stay up with the increasing role of digital components in marketing plans?

A case for being a digital marketer

Just a...

Business Michaela Marx Wheatley Aug 30, 2015