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Central Oklahoma Home Builders Association

Central Oklahoma Home Builders Association (COHBA) is a not-for-profit trade association representing home builders in Oklahoma City and beyond. For over half a century, COHBA has provided leadership for the home building industry and is the most energetic and effective trade association in the southwest.

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Innovation, quality, design are guiding principles for featured Parade of Homes builder

Innovation is at the core of success for most business, and residential construction is no exception.

Parade of Homes featured home builder Legacy Construction and Development specializes in innovative features and technologies that can result in 15-40 percent annual energy savings and...

Cohba Michaela Marx Wheatley May 12, 2016

Spring Parade of Homes showcases diversity of Oklahoma home builders

Spring has sprung and both home builders and prospective buyers are getting ready for Oklahoma City’s favorite metrowide open house event. For the next two weekends, May 13-15 and May 20-22, the spring Parade of Homes will be open from 1 to 7 p.m.

The Parade of Homes will showcase 140...

Business Michaela Marx Wheatley May 12, 2016

COHBA has championed quality home building in Oklahoma for 73 years

is more than a bunch of builders talking shop. The nonprofit organization organizes the Parade of Homes, Street of Dreams and other public events each year, and its members are active in community organizations such as Habitat for Humanity and more.

COHBA has represented local home...

Cohba Michaela Marx Wheatley May 12, 2016

Home building trends: Oklahomans still love building with touch of luxury, but prefer smaller footprint living

When long-time  Oklahoma City builder, Steve Allen realized that there was a demand for luxury, custom-built homes with a smaller footprint, he made a business out of it – AllenStyle Homes.

As a featured builder on the Parade of Homes, the public can check these homes out for two...

Cohba Michaela Marx Wheatley May 12, 2016

COHBA introduces Street of Dreams to Oklahoma City

If you like the annual Parade of Homes you will love the Street of Dreams, a new event sponsored by the Central Oklahoma Home Builders Association.

“We are extremely excited about this year’s ‘Street of Dreams’ event,” said Rusty Appleton, Executive Director of the Central Oklahoma Home...

Cohba Michaela Marx Wheatley May 12, 2016

Long-time metro open house goes high tech, adding technology innovation

The Central Oklahoma Home Builder’s Parade of Homes has been a metro tradition since 1945. This year’s event not only shines with more than 140 fabulous homes for view, but it also stepping it up a few notches in the technology department.

The parade is set for two weekends from May 14...

Cohba Michaela Marx Wheatley May 12, 2016

Anchor the family room with a ‘floating’ furniture arrangement

Challenge: Open floor plans, though still popular, put design skills to the test because there are few walls to place furniture against. On the other hand, small spaces can feel as though the walls are closing in.

Proposed solution: Pull furniture away from the walls and “float” it in the...

Cohba BrandInsight Mar 28, 2011

5 ways to ensure a full summer of garden goodness

Spring is just around the corner and for the aspiring Oklahoma gardener so is the feel of moist dirt, the smell of plant fertilizer and the touch of cool green grass.

However, to avoid sowing more than you can reap, it’s always advisable to plot out a long-term gardening plan. It will...

Cohba BrandInsight Mar 28, 2011

Decor comes alive with a British vibe

Goodbye, Paris. Hello, London! While the French capital's been dear to home decorators for several years, we're seeing the look of London more and more in the newest furnishings and accessories.

Is it fleur de lys fatigue? Too many Eiffel Towers? Perhaps. As designer Mei Xu notes,...

Cohba BrandInsight Mar 28, 2011

Today's dining room
A place where people want to linger

For generations, families ate in their kitchens and only ventured into their dining rooms on special occasions. The dining room was a place for guests, where stiff-backed chairs and fragile china kept everyone on their best behavior.

But as our lives have changed, so have our dining...

Cohba_featured BrandInsight Mar 28, 2011

The ties that bind

It all started when indoor elements such as high-end kitchen appliances, area rugs and upholstered furniture were brought to the outdoors.

Cohba BrandInsight Nov 11, 2010

Typography hits the right key in home decor

Numbers and letters are hot off the press this season in decorative items, dishware and soft furnishings.

Cohba BrandInsight Nov 11, 2010

Parade of Homes winners announced

The Central Oklahoma Homes Builders Association's Sales & Marketing Council, which fosters better relationships among builders, sales people and Realtors, selected several categories of award winners last month during the annual Parade of Homes.

Cohba_featured BrandInsight Nov 11, 2010

Mixing patterns is easier than you think in decor

One of the best ways to express your personality and add flair to your home is to incorporate a mix of patterns into the decor. Whether you like florals, stripes, geometrics, animal prints, paisleys or textures — they too are patterns — a variety of them can make any room visually more...

Cohba_other BrandInsight Nov 11, 2010

The gray badge of courage

Whether it’s a charcoal chaise lounge or a chrome-accented light fixture, this fall’s edgiest color proves that where there’s smoke, there’s fire.

Cohba BrandInsight Nov 11, 2010

Going urban

City living offers homeowners simplicity, community
Cohba BrandInsight Sep 17, 2010

Timeless and always appropriate

Allenton Custom Homes applies ‘classic’ approach to homebuilding

Cohba BrandInsight Sep 17, 2010

A space that lives and remembers

Oklahoma designer Tom Hoch creates ‘organic’ environment for Chickasaw Cultural Center
Cohba_featured BrandInsight Sep 17, 2010

AllenStyle Homes

7038 Northwest 160th, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73013 (405) 787-3839 |
Cohba BrandInsight Sep 17, 2010

Baby boomers comprise large portion of condo market

More and more empty nesters are now attracted to city living. But even those drawn to the city worry that moving downtown could be too jarring a change in their lifestyles, said Eric Tyson, a personal finance expert and co-author of "Home Buying for Dummies."
Cohba_other BrandInsight Sep 17, 2010

Art investment

Opportunities abound locally or online to help consumers become art owner.

Cohba_other BrandInsight Sep 17, 2010

A look at some clever gadgets

If you follow tech blogs or watch a few infomercials, you know that inventive minds are always coming up with new households gadgets meant to make life easier. Here's a look at a few of the more ingenious ones.
Cohba BrandInsight Sep 17, 2010

Welcome fall with new accents, colors at home

The transition from summer to fall can be an even better time to get your home organized and in shape, since many of us shift our focus indoors.
Cohba BrandInsight Sep 17, 2010

Ask a Designer: tips on bookcases, other built-ins

Interior designer Betsy Burnham doesn't buy many bookcases these days. She's more likely to create built-in bookshelves for the homes she designs.
Cohba_other BrandInsight Sep 17, 2010

Jeff Click Homes: Luxury urban-modern meets resourceful design

Known for its innovative and atypical urban-modern style, Jeff Click Homes began thinking about meeting the need for a lower price point long before the economy began to decline.

As it turned out, it was the right decision at the right time.

“As home prices continued to climb...

Cohba BrandInsight Jul 12, 2010

Jeff Click Homes

15812 N. Pennsylvania Ave, Ste. 3, Edmond, OK 73013 (405) 315-0812 | http://www.jeffclickhomes.
Cohba BrandInsight May 28, 2010

Edmond-based Red Rock Builders creates high performance homes with aesthetics, efficiency and comfort

What is the definition of high performance? In automobiles it’s speed, precision mechanics, response to the driver. In homes, it’s not much different — precision systems, custom space and comfort and targeted energy use for higher efficiency.

Cohba BrandInsight Jul 12, 2010

McCaleb Homes: The Real Thing

When the Arts and Crafts Movement came to the fore in the late Victorian period, it was a reflection of the times. The work culture had moved from guilds and master craftsmen to factories and mechanization. The designers and thinkers of the time felt that we were losing artistry in favor of mass...
Centralok homes BrandInsight Mar 19, 2010

Mark Methvin Homes builds on family

As a second generation home builder, Mark Methvin literally grew up in the building business — accompanying his dad to the jobsite at an early age.

“I started ‘working’ in the home building business at age 6 by picking up trash and scrap lumber. To be honest I mostly played at that...

Centralok homes BrandInsight Jan 21, 2010

Oklahoma City home tour highlights building innovations

Whether you are in the market for a new home with the latest multimedia system and energy-efficient design, or just want to browse the market, the Southwest Showcase of Homes in southwest Oklahoma City has you covered.

Cohba_other BrandInsight Jul 12, 2010

Trade boring neutrals for gentle splashes of purple

Trade boring neutrals for gentle splashes of purple to create a kitchen and bathroom spiked with a healthy dose of drama. When it comes to all the different shades of purple that can be used to spice up a room, “shrinking” and “violet” are not a match made in Crayola heaven. Purple speaks up...

Cohba BrandInsight Jul 12, 2010

Not all cabinetry trends are expensive
Follow the ones that won’t break the bank

Cabinet space is prime real estate when it comes to busy kitchens. “People want to get away from having small appliances out on the counter,” says Amanda Maier, owner of her self-named interior design firm in Philadelphia. “So microwaves, coffee makers, etc., have found their way into cabinets....
Cohba BrandInsight Jul 12, 2010

Materials, design and history give voice to a home’s front door

A door is a focal point. It makes a statement and gives a first impression. A door has psychological significance and sets the aesthetic tone for its surroundings. It must both blend in and stand out. A door is the first thing people see when they visit, and the last thing they see when they leave.
Cohba_featured BrandInsight Jul 12, 2010

Refrigerator, range, dishwasher:
Efficiency and convenience rule the kitchen

Efficiency and convenience rule the kitchen, especially when it comes to the triumvirate of appliances: the refrigerator, range and dishwasher. Here’s what’s cooking

Cohba BrandInsight Jul 12, 2010

Bigger no longer means better
Say hello to the cozy, live-in kitchen

Anyone who has hosted a cocktail party or tried to bake cookies with a toddler underfoot knows that guests and family members tend to gather in the kitchen.

Cohba_other BrandInsight Jul 12, 2010

Ceiling fans reduce energy costs summer and winter

Conjure up an image of vacationers sitting on a verandah at a tropical resort, a ceiling fan rotating overhead and supplementing the cooling effect of the ocean breezes.

Cohba_other BrandInsight Jul 12, 2010

Bookshelf: Dig In

Don’t let all that counter space go to waste. Start experimenting with new recipes this weekend

Cohba_other BrandInsight Jul 12, 2010

All hands on deck

An immediate extension of your home, porches and decks bridge the gap between the inside and the great outdoors, providing indoor comfort while making the most of nature’s benefits. The recession has pulled Americans back toward the simpler pleasures in life, which appear to include a greater...
Cohba_other BrandInsight May 15, 2010

A room with a view

For years, the trend in outdoor living has been to integrate the interior with the exterior to get the best of both worlds. This means bringing comfy furniture and high-performance appliances outside, and developing materials and technologies to help them withstand the weather.


Cohba_featured BrandInsight May 15, 2010

Mansion on the Lake

This year’s symphony show house is a 16,000-square-foot mansion overlooking Lake Overholser.

The original 5,000-square-foot home was built in the 1980s by the McCaslin family. In the mid-1990s, the Lew McGinnis family purchased the home and engaged Beverly Hills designer/builder Edward...

Cohba BrandInsight May 15, 2010

The 5 rules of backyard tech

These days, the inside of a home is, undoubtedly, the center of the electronic world. With televisions, computers, surround-sound speaker systems and countless other gadgets, technology is in every room – and it’s stretching into the outdoor world as well.

“There isn’t a lot nowadays that...

Cohba_other BrandInsight May 15, 2010

Persimmon granted

Bright and warm, happy and inviting, the color orange is too big to be contained indoors. Associated with many of nature’s most stunning displays, from setting suns to blooming wildflowers, the cheerful hue can add life to any outdoor living space.

With spring fashion lines by Nanette...

Cohba_other BrandInsight May 15, 2010

Lounge lizards

Backyard lounging options not only used to be limited, but they also could be a source of embarrassment. Remember those chaise lounges with the vinyl straps that left imprints? And how exiting a hammock so often turned comical?

These days, the time-honored pastime of snoozing in the sun...

Cohba_other BrandInsight May 15, 2010

Craftsmen give wood a second life

Amid the tony crowd at this year’s Architectural digest home design show in New York, the guys in jeans and work boots were like rock stars, chatting to their fans. Many works were showstoppers, among them pieces crafted from historical woods or repurposed antiques.

Virginia-based Bill...

Cohba_other BrandInsight May 15, 2010

Progress evident on home for builders association

Those aren't houses going up at 420 E Britton Road, but home builders are involved in the project from the ground up.

It's the Central Oklahoma Home Builders Association's new headquarters.

Delays slowed the project, the last one a four-month stall for the wintriest winter in...

Cohba_other BrandInsight May 15, 2010

Bookshelf: The Simple Life

Eco Chic Home: Rethink, Reuse, and Remake Your Way to Sustainable Style
by Emily Anderson
(Skipstone Press , 2010) $21.95

The Joy of Home
by Naomi Cleaver
(Conran, 2010) $39.99

Cheap Chic: Affordable Ideas for a Relaxed Home
Cohba_other BrandInsight May 15, 2010

Dog mansions come with whole range of amenities

LOS ANGELES - Tammy Kassis' trio of 4-pound dogs have an 11-foot tall Victorian mansion with its own turret, vaulted ceiling and television. They enjoy heating and air conditioning to stay comfortable year-round.

Kassis, 47, figures she and her husband have spent well over $20,000 for...

Cohba BrandInsight May 15, 2010

Living green is no longer a lesson in deprivation.

Eco-friendly designers and manufacturers have developed ideas and products that make it a little easier to be green. In observance of Earth Day 2010, we found just a few options that are eco-wise and healthy, from top to bottom.

SunnySong is a solar-powered...

Cohba BrandInsight May 15, 2010

Counter Culture

In recent years, outdoor kitchens have taken the backyard barbecue from low-key to luxe, and the latest innovations in design are no exception. “The staycation and all of that has been very popular for some time, but what we’re seeing now is that people are really investing the money to make...
Cohba_featured BrandInsight May 15, 2010

Extreme Makeover

SLAUGHTERVILLE -- Ideal Homes did the Skaggs family and "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition" proud and maybe the postal service.

Neither snow nor rain nor gloom of night nor mud nor traffic jams nor an unexpected logistical nightmare kept the company, a slew of subcontractors and suppliers,...

Centralok homes BrandInsight Mar 19, 2010

Get cookin'

The Homestyle Amish Kitchen Cookbook: Plainly Delicious Recipes from the Simple Life
by George Varozza
(Harvest House Publishers, 2010)

The Farm to Table Cookbook: The Art of Eating Locally
by Ivy Manning
(Sasquatch Books, 2010) $19.95

Centralok homes BrandInsight Mar 19, 2010

Economy forces changes in thinking about retirement homes

LAS VEGAS —If your idea of a dream retirement home is a luxury contemporary overlooking a championship golf course in the desert, you better be prepared for some mighty small block parties: When it comes to retirement living, golf courses are out.

And Arizona and Florida aren’t the only...

Centralok homes BrandInsight Mar 19, 2010

Mix and Match

(MCT) — Dressing a room can be a lot like dressing yourself.

You invest in the pieces you want to last many years and shop for steals on accessories that change with trends.

Victoria Dreste, a St. Louis-based interior designer, recently worked with a client to pull together high-...

Centralok homes BrandInsight Mar 19, 2010

Mission Kitchen

Want to update the kitchen but don’t think you have enough time or money? Well, think again. Follow these designer tips for a quick kitchen facelift. You won’t believe your eyes (or your wallet).

1. Plan and de-clutter
First things first: You only have one weekend, so develop a...

Centralok homes BrandInsight Mar 19, 2010

So vane

In the beginning, way before Gary England and Doppler radar, weather vanes were about the wind. They were vital to the success of farming and shipping. Knowing which way the wind was blowing kept ocean vessels on course and saved crops from damaging storms.

These beloved icons of...

Centralok homes BrandInsight Mar 19, 2010

Comfort rooms

Among designers, retailers and homeowners, there’s little consensus on where home décor and design are headed except that the watchword will be “ease.”

Whatever our personal style might look like, a simple, beautiful space “is the design equivalent of comfort food” in tumultuous times,...

Centralok homes BrandInsight Mar 19, 2010

Musical chairs

Pull up a seat and embrace the traditional, contemporary or just plan funky side of the dining room.

Ethan Allen’s Josephine Armchair

Pottery Barn’s Queen Anne chair

Thomas Moser Pasadena Dining Chair

Very Good & Proper Canteen Utility Chair


Centralok homes BrandInsight Mar 19, 2010

Spring sings

With spring putting out its welcome mat, reflect its warmth and color with joyful, earthy outdoor accessories.

The Tropicalia nest swing from Moroso features cheery and recyclable thermoplastic polymer threads. For more information, visit

Centralok homes BrandInsight Mar 19, 2010

Go-Go Gadget

Necessity may be the mother of invention, but given the bolstering popularity of quirky kitchen helpers, creative minds and a great sense of humor certainly don’t hurt

Some can get by on their looks alone, but true kitchen gadgets don’t just look adorable enough to elicit a cooing shriek...

Centralok homes BrandInsight Jan 21, 2010

Color by number no more

Which destination ranks right up there with the dentist’s office for inducing anxiety? According to Denise Szabo, it’s the paint aisle.

“Choosing a paint color is the No. 1 interior-design decision that, for some reason, simply terrifies people,” says Szabo, who owns Pacific Interior...

Centralok homes BrandInsight Jan 21, 2010

Mixing old and new is a great design strategy

You probably didn't realize, when you put an ornate old picture frame next to the sleek Pottery Barn sofa in your living room, that you had your finger on the pulse of America's design culture.

But you did.

What some interior designers call "transitional" decorating — artfully...

Centralok homes BrandInsight Jan 21, 2010

Back in Black

Black just might be the safest color in fashion – when in doubt about selecting a pair of pants to wear with a floral patterned shirt, we buy black. It may not deliver the trendiest look, but it will match whatever else is going on, and that offers peace of mind.

Besides being a safe...

Centralok homes BrandInsight Jan 21, 2010

The Great Cover-Up

As we enter a new decade, maybe it’s time to rethink old furniture and give it a new identity – or even a new purpose. Designers, inventors and upholstery experts are jumping on the “upcycling” bandwagon and employing creative tactics to revitalize old furniture and home accessories.


Centralok homes BrandInsight Jan 21, 2010

Turquoise is top decor shade for 2010

ORLANDO, Fla. (AP) - Interior designer Debbie Sheaf is way ahead of the curve.

Last February, inspired by the blues and greens in her collection of antique majolica pottery, she painted the room that houses her collection a vibrant turquoise.

This month, turquoise was...

Centralok homes BrandInsight Jan 21, 2010

HomeStyle Bookshelf: Just do it

100+ Tips: Ideas – Contemporary Houses
by Fernando de Haro & Omar Fuentes
(AM Editores, 2009) $11.95

150 Best Kitchen Ideas
by Montse Borrs & Aitana Lleonart
(Collins Design, 2009) $29.99

The Making of a House
by Janne Faulkner &...
Centralok homes BrandInsight Jan 21, 2010

Zap! Pow! Home decor gets a pop art punch

Texan collector and decorator Andrea Reed grew up in a home filled with Pop Art, but it was the film “Tommy” that really made a lasting impression.

In particular, a scene where Tommy’s mother (played by Ann-Margret) sings “in an all-white room with a white ball chair. I was forever...

Centralok homes BrandInsight Jan 21, 2010