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Caddo Kiowa Technology Center

Located in Fort Cobb, Oklahoma, CKTC provides training for both adults and high school students who live in CKTC's district. The Center has experienced tremendous growth over the last 40 years of operation. Beginning with 11 programs and 200 students in 1968, the school now exceeds 20 programs and 600 full-time students and over 3700 short-term students. Likewise, the Center's professional staff has nearly tripled and the building space has quadrupled.

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Growing demand for welding experts and CDL drivers make for long wait lists at tech schools

Skilled workers are in high demand in Oklahoma. However, growing demand for these jobs is straining ability of school’s like Caddo Tech to meet the needs unless the state or private industry invest into these programs to program offerings.
Brandinsight Susan McElhaney Apr 15, 2015

Volunteerism: Caddo Kiowa Tech students give back to the community

“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” Students at Caddo Kiowa Technology Center focus on education and community involvement.
Brandinsight Susan McElhaney Apr 14, 2015

CDL drivers in demand nationwide; Caddo Kiowa Technology Center trains the drivers

As the trucking companies look to fill 200,000 CDL jobs across the nation, the demand for qualified truck drivers is increasing in Oklahoma, with fewer candidates available to meet the demand than is needed. Oklahoma CareerTech schools say that investing in CDL training offers huge ROI for students.
Brandinsight Susan McElhaney Apr 13, 2015