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Becky Ivins Movers Real Estate

Becky Ivins began selling real estate in 1977 and in 1979 she started her own brokerage, Movers Real Estate Company. Among her designations is SRES, Senior Real Estate Specialists, and she delights in transitioning seniors from their homes that have become too much to maintain into independent living or assisted living. Her most recent designation is MRP, Military Relocation Professional, and with two of her three sons serving our country as career US Army officers, she has firsthand knowledge of how important real estate professionals are when military families buy or sell in our area.

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Downsizing strategies for seniors: No stress required, Realtor says

The first stress-reducing advice Becky Ivins offers senior sellers, or family members working with them, is to make a plan.
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Becky Ivins specializes in helping seniors on the move

The Oklahoma City Realtor has developed a program that specializes in making the move smoother. Ivins calls the program “Seniors on the Move.”
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