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Allied Arts

Each year, Allied Arts conducts a community-wide campaign to raise critical funds for the nonprofit arts organizations it supports. All sectors of the community – including corporations, foundations, nonprofit organizations and individuals – contribute to the effort to advance the arts. These funds are then distributed to local arts organizations in support of their operating, programmatic and educational budgets. Allied Arts funding helps these organizations keep ticket prices low or offer free events so that more members of the community can experience the arts. Agencies also use campaign funds to provide innovative, hands-on arts education to schoolchildren across the state.

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Allied Arts: Spread the Hope

After seeing the staggering effect the pandemic has had on Oklahoma’s cultural community, Allied Arts recently put out a call to “spread the hope.”
News Eddie Roach Feb 22, 2021

Arts for everyone: Allied Arts launches annual campaign to impact Oklahoma

Allied Arts launched its 2020 community-wide fundraising campaign earlier this month to raise critical funds for central Oklahoma’s cultural community with a goal of more than $3.4 million.
Life Eddie Roach Feb 17, 2020

Dance: A surprising source of therapy for Oklahomans with Parkinson’s disease

One Oklahoman is working to give those with Parkinson's disease a revitalized sense of confidence and increased mobility – through dance.
Arts Janelle Archer May 9, 2019

Art matters to all: Everyone can be a patron of the arts

If you’ve enjoyed a local theater production, enrolled your child in an art class or found yourself drawn to a piece of art by an Oklahoma artist lately, chances are you’ve been impacted by one of 40 Allied Arts-supported arts organizations.

For 47 years, Allied Arts’ annual campaign...

Arts Michaela Marx Wheatley May 10, 2018

Art changes lives: Diagnosed with ADHD, OKC student finds success in music

Jacob Black is a talented saxophonist and freshman at Oklahoma City University. Diagnosed with Attention Deficit-Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) as a child, he continuously struggled in school – clashing with teachers and having trouble sitting still. Yet, he has found his calling in music. His...
Arts Michaela Marx Wheatley Feb 22, 2018

Art is for everyone: Allied Arts helps Lyric Theatre to produce sensory-friendly show

The lights, the costumes, the magic of seeing the story unfold. That’s what many theatre goers crave when they immerse themselves in a performing arts experience.  Those same aspects, however, also make it very difficult for kids on the autism spectrum – and their families to enjoy this...
Arts Michaela Marx Wheatley Mar 25, 2017

Art educates: Allied Arts connects kids to cultural experiences

Dance, of all the arts, is the one that most influences the soul, Plato once said. There may be room for discussion about which art form most touches the soul, but the joy that dance brings to those who are passionate about it is unique. With help from Allied Arts, the Oklahoma City Ballet is...
Arts Michaela Marx Wheatley Feb 28, 2017