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Oklahoma City All Sports Association

Oklahoma City All Sports Association is a non-profit corporation that serves as the sports commission for the Oklahoma City metropolitan area. The organization is governed and directed by 43 non-compensated board members and managed by a six-person staff. Originally created in 1957 to support and maintain the All-College Classic Basketball Tournament, All-Sports has expanded its mission to more than 250 events in Oklahoma City, including 30 plus NCAA championships since 1983. The Oklahoma City All Sports Association brings an estimated $35 million into the Oklahoma City community each and every year. We are funded and supported through our membership base as well as our annual event sponsorships.

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MORNING ROUNDUP: Big 12 fines Texas Tech for court storming

Big 12 Commissioner Bob Bowlsby said in a statement Monday that Texas Tech did not ensure the safety and security of West Virginia players following the game in Lubbock, Texas.
All Sports BrandInsight Jan 15, 2018

Big 12 brings conference’s big baseball talents to OKC for championship

The 2017 Phillips 66 Big 12 Baseball Championship will be held May 24-28 at the Chickasaw Bricktown Ballpark in Oklahoma City. Hosted by Oklahoma City All-Sports and the Oklahoma City Dodgers, the tournament boasts 15 games across the five-day competition, and much is at stake in the...
Sports Michaela Marx Wheatley Apr 26, 2017

All Sports: Six decades of shaping OKC into a sports capital

Oklahomans have an appetite for sports, and since 1957 the Oklahoma City All Sports Association has been around to satiate this hunger. From NCAA championships to pro sports, from figure skating to rodeo, without the nonprofit sports commission, Oklahoma’s athletic landscape would look quite...
Sports Michaela Marx Wheatley Feb 2, 2017