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OK25by25 - Oklahoma Early Childhood Coalition

The Potts Family Foundation is passionate about improving the condition of Oklahoma’s future workforce: Oklahoma’s children. Our collective response to these trends is to create a nonpartisan coalition of impassioned organizations that are focused on the critically important issues that can help eliminate the conditions that are impairing our young children from becoming a successful workforce. OK25by25's goal is to raise Oklahoma's rankings of early childhood wellbeing to the top 25 states by 2025.

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OK25by25 initiative tackles early childhood development issues

Approaching the third anniversary of the launch of the Oklahoma Early Childhood Coalition, supporters of the 10-year initiative called OK25by25 took a look back at the progress made and the work yet to be done.
Business Eddie Roach May 6, 2019

Want better employees? Focus on children

The Potts Family Foundation thinks the key to growing a better Oklahoma workforce is better attention to early childhood development.
Business Eddie Roach Apr 29, 2019