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CardioVascular Health Clinic

The CardioVascular Health Clinic is committed to providing high-quality cardiovascular care with a personalized approach to each individual patient. We utilize state-of-the-art technology and methods for the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of the full spectrum of cardiovascular diseases.

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Prostate procedure puts golfer back on course

It's hard to play golf when you have to keep an eye out for a bathroom and deal with lower back pain.
Health Eddie Roach Feb 16, 2021

Vascular surgeon answers 10 key questions about peripheral artery disease

Dr. Jim Melton, co-founder of the CardioVascular Health Clinic in Oklahoma City provided key questions to ask in evaluating the possibility that you are suffering from peripheral artery disease (PAD).
Health Eddie Roach Feb 15, 2021

Painful, burning and cramping in the legs could be signs of Vascular Disease

If you are unable to walk for extended periods of time without having to stop due to painful cramping and burning in your legs or calves this could be a sign of peripheral vascular disease or peripheral artery disease, cautions vascular surgeon Dr. Jim Melton.
Health Eddie Roach Jan 11, 2021

Holidays can be major concern for heart patients

Doctor advises patients to balance safety precautions from COVID with the likelihood of having cardiac issues that could be life threatening.
Health Eddie Roach Dec 14, 2020

Local cardiologists promote stroke prevention

While stroke is a leading cause of death and disability worldwide, almost all strokes could be prevented.
Health Eddie Roach Oct 28, 2020

Surgeon offers procedure to avoid amputation and early death

Oklahoma City vascular surgeon has pioneered a minimally invasive procedure to restore blood flow to lower extremities, preventing amputation in most cases.
Health Eddie Roach Sep 14, 2020

Clinic offers safer, less expensive outpatient surgery

Even as hospitals have opened up for more surgical procedures, data indicates that patients are cautious about hospitalization and are instead opting for ambulatory surgical centers.
Health Eddie Roach Jul 27, 2020

Doctor offers minimally invasive, non-surgical prostate procedure

A local physician says it’s not necessary for men undergo the painful procedures often associated with treating an enlarged prostate.
Health Eddie Roach Jun 29, 2020

Local vascular surgeon offers unique procedure to prevent amputations

An Oklahoma City vascular surgeon has perfected a minimally invasive procedure to restore blood flow to lower extremities.
Health Eddie Roach May 17, 2020

Medicare now covers outpatient coronary procedure

There is good news for Medicare recipients who are facing the prospect of angioplasty with stent to open up blood vessels in the heart that have been narrowed by plaque buildup. As one of several changes for 2020, Medicare will now cover some types of percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI)...

Health Eddie Roach Feb 10, 2020

Are your varicose veins a symptom of underlying vascular disease?

Varicose veins may not only be unsightly but also may indicate a more serious vascular problem. Often, varicose veins are dismissed as a cosmetic procedure that would not be covered by health insurance. That’s the caution offered by physicians at the CardioVascular Health Clinic in Oklahoma...

Health Eddie Roach Dec 22, 2019

Doctor offers outpatient prostate procedure

An Oklahoma City doctor is performing a new, outpatient procedure that has a 90 percent success rate of treating enlarged prostate.
Life Eddie Roach Nov 26, 2019

Vascular surgeon teaches others to prevent amputation

Jim Melton, D.O., co-founder of the CardioVascular Health Clinic, said he hosts two or three training courses each quarter to show other doctors the benefits of this procedure.
Life Eddie Roach Jul 22, 2019