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To lease a house or own it? Both, says an OKC firm now with $140 million to buy 800 more houses for its lease-to-own business

A tenant is leasing this house in Oklahoma City with the option of purchasing it in a Lease2OwnAmerica program. [PHOTO PROVIDED]
A tenant is leasing this house in Oklahoma City with the option of purchasing it in a Lease2OwnAmerica program. [PHOTO PROVIDED]

Lease2OwnAmerica has $140 million coming to purchase houses to lease to people until they can buy them.

The company, based in Oklahoma City, operates in Oklahoma, Tennessee, and Kentucky, with plans to expand. The infusion of capital will fund the purchase of 800 properties.

Private equity firm Swiss American Partners said it will join “stakeholders betting on a market-disrupting lease-to-own home ownership model” by investing in Titan SAP I LLC, a special-purpose acquisition vehicle of Titan Real Property LLC, the parent company of Lease2OwnAmerica, which has offices at 3431 N MacArthur Blvd.

Swiss American Partners will become a part owner of Titan Real Property “after certain financial return hurdles are reached” and Lease2OwnAmerica expands into Kansas and Missouri, Titan Real Property said.

“This is continued validation that Lease2OwnAmerica is a pioneer in the industry and has the IT and data analytics, seasoned team, customer advocacy and an improved lease-to-own model delivering an alternative path for home ownership to target audiences,” the firm said.

Lease2OwnAmerica considers itself a “financial technology company” with a mission “to ‘bridge’ homebuyers into their dream homes via easy, compliant and transparent methodology. Leveraging a Lease Agreement, Option

Agreement and integrated online Applicant/Tenant portal, L2OA approves 95% of completed applications while handling all taxes, insurance and maintenance associated with their proprietary lease-to-own program.”

Joe Tippens, managing partner of Swiss American Partners and managing member of Titan SAP I LLC, said he looks forward Lease2OwnAmerica having 1,000 properties.

“This investment, along with permanent financing options and an expandable acquisition line, puts the organization in a great position to reach new audiences and expand the business model at a securitizable scale,” he said. Since its start in March 2018, Titan has closed on 200 transactions, including purchased and sold, counting commercial and residential, with 100 of them involving lessees in the lease-to-own program, spokesman Craig Clemons said. Lease-to-own program prices range from $120,000 to $500,000, he said.

So far, six tenants in the program have converted from lease to contract for deed by reaching 20% of the program price of the home.

A contract for deed is a purchase contract not involving a mortgage lender, which is an alternative for buyers with damaged credit.

“Our proven program provides the opportunity for Home Ownership by allowing individuals and families to move into a home they wish to purchase through a Lease Agreement,” the company says at “While our Tenant/Buyers make Lease Agreement and Purchase Option payments, they can be building credit and positioning themselves for a contract for deed or a traditional mortgage.”

Clemons said Lease2OwnAmerica often works with real estate agents and plans to offer “lunch-and-learn” sessions with top brokerages here and in Kansas, Missouri, Tennessee and Kentucky. The company also pays social media “influencers” per transaction to help develop channels targeting specific demographics.

Titan Real Property profits come from three revenue streams: the spread between purchase price and program price, monthly lease payments, and a yield spread premium derived in several ways including the difference between Titan’s property purchase price and the lease-to-own program price.

“Our team has come a long way in the last 35 months of operations,” said Titan COO Charles Ozan. In late 2019, “we adjusted our model by overlaying lease-to-own offerings next to every MLS listing in target markets. This allows online shoppers to immediately explore the lease-to-own value proposition while our organization simultaneously underwrites applicants and pursues purchase of the specifically targeted real estate asset with the tenant/buyer in mind.”

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