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Del City can help you get rid of that old mattress and broken tree limbs March 8-12

DEL CITY — The city of Del City will be offering residential bulk waste pickup Monday through March 12.

Residents may place bulky items at the curb as early as Thursday but no later than 6 a.m. Monday.

Only one pass-through will be made, so items must be placed at curbside by Monday.

The following are the city's requirements to participate in the program:

• Items should be set out at least 5 feet from mailboxes, gas meters, cars, shrubs, trees, signs or anything else that could interfere with the mechanical lifting arm. Residents should also make sure there are no high line wires or overhanging tree limbs above their curbside pile. Do not place items on the city water meters.

• Items should be set out at least 10 feet away from utility poles to prevent contact with overhead power lines.

• Small or loose items, such as clothes and toys, must be boxed up or placed in trash bags to be picked up.

• No more than 4 cubic yards (about 3 foot x 6 foot x 6 foot) will be picked up during the program dates. If the pile is larger, it will be up to the resident to remove the remaining amount or make arrangements with the Del City Utility Billing Office to have the material picked up at an additional charge.

• The bulk waste service is for residential customers only. Commercial businesses are not included in the bulk waste program.

Bulk items that will be picked up include: Cardboard boxes (broken down and tied into tight bundles), noncontracted remodeling waste (do-it-yourself projects), carpets, mattresses, fencing, household appliances, furniture, and trees and limbs.

These items will not be hauled away: Contractor tree and grass trimmings; contractor construction/reconstruction/demolition; antifreeze; lubricants; automobile frames; nuclear materials; brake fluid; oils; tires and rims; pesticide; car batteries; poisons; gasoline, kerosene and other fuels; bricks, dirt, rocks and concrete; acids and caustics; propane tanks; crankcases or transmissions; or repair waste.

The city also will not pick up degreasers; rust remover; explosives; sewage and liquid waste; fertilizer; Sheetrock or roofing items; hospital/medical waste; or pool chemicals.