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OKC police officer faces prostitution charge

An Oklahoma City police car.
An Oklahoma City police car.

An Oklahoma City police officer was accused Wednesday in a misdemeanor case of soliciting a sex act at a massage studio and then pushing a therapist after being turned down.

Sgt. Alonzo Lamont Fields III, 29, was charged in Oklahoma County District Court with one count of engaging in prostitution and one count of assault and battery. He has been on paid administrative leave while under investigation.

He denies wrongdoing.

"I've been blackmailed," he told The Oklahoman.

Police reported in court affidavits that he had asked for a "nuru massage" at Studio 132 Massage and Esthetics in south Oklahoma City on Sept. 11. He paid $120 after arriving, police reported.

"The employee immediately recognized the request as a request for a sex act in exchange for the payment received and attempted to terminate the contract," a police lieutenant who specializes in vice cases wrote in a court affidavit. "The defendant resisted ... which resulted in a separate incident involving an assault and battery."

"A 'nuru massage' is a style of massage where both the customer and the massage provider are nude," the lieutenant wrote.

A police detective specializing in assault cases wrote in a court affidavit that Fields pushed two therapists while trying to get his money back after being told "the cops had been called." The detective also wrote that Fields had requested a mutual massage by text before arriving.

One assault victim wanted to press charges while the other did not, the detective wrote.

Fields said he went off-duty to get a regular massage. He said the therapists started accusing him of crazy things to try to get him to leave without his money or a massage.

"I can't figure out why they picked me to do that," he said.

"I feel at the end of this that I will come out on top once people hear my side of what happened. And I can prove these girls to be liars by my video that was not taken by anybody throughout this whole investigation," Fields said. "Nobody's heard my side."

He acknowledged he at one point said he was undercover after attempting to calm the situation down.

"I did say that but it was in defense to being blackmailed pretty much," he said.

He has been a police officer for Oklahoma City since 2014.

Nolan Clay

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