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Digital subscribers get news without delay

Clytie Bunyan
Clytie Bunyan

Extreme weather conditions slam Oklahoma at some point each year. This weekend was no exception as frigid temperatures with blowing snow and sub-zero wind chills blanketed the state, affecting normal business operations for everyone and prompting extreme decisions.

For the first time in the more than four years since The Oklahoman began printing in Tulsa, home delivery of the newspaper has been delayed because of conditions Sunday on the Turner Turnpike after a fiery multi-vehicle collision closed lanes in both directions.

Print subscribers and in-store customers did not receive their newspapers on Monday; the newspaper will be delivered with the Tuesday edition.

But interruption of the print delivery schedule did not sideline getting the news to you. The Oklahoman’s reporters, photographers, videographers and editors have been consistently pushing need-to-know news to you online.

Beginning Friday, stories and updates have been posted throughout the days and nights alerting readers to utility issues, closings and road conditions.

Many print subscribers automatically have a digital subscription option, so they haven’t missed online updates. Some of those print subscribers simply need to activate the digital subscription they already pay for. For non-digital customers, Monday’s delivery delay is a good reason to become a digital subscriber. Online updates are frequent and stories are posted long before they appear in print. For example, if you need to know whether your scheduled COVID-19 vaccination has been rescheduled, you could check

A promotion underway until Feb. 19 offers a digital subscription for 99 cents and renews for $10.99 a month after the first month. It also includes the electronic version of the daily printed editions. So to stay updated with news from your favorite sports, business, features or news reporter from The Oklahoman, no matter what Mother Nature throws at us, a digital subscription is the way to go. Go to to sign up.