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Need help sticking with your resolutions? There's a Bible App for that

For individuals who made New Year's resolutions and took strides to deepen their relationship with God, the YouVersion Bible App is committed to helping them maintain their momentum throughout 2021.

Created by Edmond-based Life.Church, the free app was launched in 2008.

"Our team is passionate about helping people build the habit of seeking God every day because when we seek Him, we more easily recognize His presence and power in our daily lives," said Bobby Gruenewald, Life.Church pastor and innovation leader. "In recent years, we’ve added more features to help people explore different pathways to intimacy with God and develop strong spiritual disciplines."

Here are various features of the app that are designed to help people find deeper intimacy with God.

Read the Bible daily. One of the app’s most popular ways to get into a daily rhythm of reading the Bible is to start a Bible Plan. YouVersion has thousands of Bible Plans offered in more than 68 languages, spanning from three days to one year, and covering a variety of topics.

Pray consistently. YouVersion launched a new feature in March 2020 that allows people to add prayers to their Prayer List in the app. Each prayer can be kept private or shared with friends. The feature is designed to not only help people keep track of their prayer requests, but also to enrich the way they pray, help them support one another in prayer, and grow their faith.

Pause and reflect regularly. For those who love the Verse of the Day but want to dive deeper into each daily verse, YouVersion created Verse of the Day Stories in April 2020. It takes people through different pieces of content each day — like exclusive video teaching, reflection questions, a prayer, a devotional, and other prompts — all centered on the Verse of the Day. A new story is posted each day to give people the opportunity to pause, focus on a single Bible verse, and turn their heart and mind toward God.

Strengthen spiritual community. With Plans with Friends, people can pick any Bible Plan and invite a trusted group of friends to complete the same devotional content with them. As everyone completes the daily reading, there’s an opportunity to have discussion, reflect, encourage each other or ask questions about the reading to spark dialogue. It’s a way to build or enhance a close-knit community that’s centered on scripture and relationship with God.

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