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Your View: On masks, lawmakers should set an example

Is Capitol rule just a masquerade?

Regarding the headline in The Oklahoman’s 1-30-21 edition,“Lawmakers Exempted from Mask Rule,” few, if any, have even made comment of this article. Quite the narrative considering for almost a year now we’ve been instructed, ordered, pleaded with and shamed into wearing a mask. The article suggests it may be simply political theater, whereas the left takes one position while the right the opposite. It seems quite childish on the surface considering very little has changed on the issue of masks. Possibly vaccines have allowed lawmakers this sleight of hand.

Still, it doesn’t place the lawmakers in the best of light. In fact, it could easily be construed as government elites placing themselves above the average citizen. Unfortunately, throughout this ordeal we’ve witnessed some of our governmental officials saying one thing and doing the exact opposite. Still, these lawmakers are elected officials and for all intents and purposes should set an example for the common good, not something contrary which only creates discord and malice towards government.

Ask yourself the difference between 101 lawmakers in one room sharing desks for hours on end and an individual sharing a meal at a local restaurant with his family, friends or associates. Then reflect back to all the restaurants and other non-essential businesses who were forced to close due to governmental mandates. Perhaps if government had been forced to take on some of the burdens and hardships the private sector experienced, this situation most likely would have never raised its UN-MASKED head.

Stan Williamson, Edmond