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Your Views Sunday, Jan. 31

People wait in line to receive a COVID-19 vaccine at Ebenezer Baptist Church in Oklahoma City on Tuesday. [Chris Landsberger/The Oklahoman]
People wait in line to receive a COVID-19 vaccine at Ebenezer Baptist Church in Oklahoma City on Tuesday. [Chris Landsberger/The Oklahoman]

Improvements needed to immunization sign-up process

I'm sure I have no clue as to the issues, including a smaller-than-expected supply of immunizations, faced by our state Department of Health as they work to implement COVID-19 vaccinations. That being said, I feel the method to sign up and find initial immunization times could be greatly improved.

I followed the procedure and on Jan. 8 received my authorization email with a link to sign up for a vaccine appointment. Since then I have signed in to check for open appointments but have found none. When searching within 25 miles, there are usually 20-30 sites shown but invariably they say "No available bookings at this location." Searches within 50 miles find 40-50 sites with similar results. I have even searched out to 100 miles with no luck. I try multiple times a day at various times, from very early morning to late into the night.

I heard there are more than 550,000 signed up and hoping for an immunization time. The odds of me finding an empty immunization slot are getting worse each and every day.

Might there be a way to notify smaller groups of people based on some set of factors such as the date they signed up, their age, any health issues, jobs that add to their chances of exposure, etc.? I am thankful for the hard work being done by those working to implement these immunizations and hope a way can be found to improve the process.

Dave Mueller, Yukon

Make mail-in voting simple and effective

This past election, I voted without fear of contracting COVID virus. As an 80-year-old senior, I voted by mailing my ballot. What made this particularly safe for me was the fact that I could request, prepare and return my ballot while staying home. The Legislature had changed the procedure for validating a mail-in ballot that allowed me to make a copy of my driver’s license or voter registration card and attach that to my ballot. I want to thank the Legislature for making that possible.

Now we have a problem. The election law that allowed me and thousands of other Oklahomans to vote in this manner has expired and instead of extending the procedure, the Legislature has let it die. This means that to cast a mail-in ballot this year, I will have to go into a bank or other authorized business and have my ballot certified by a notary public. This little trip into a business is the very thing as a senior I have been avoiding since March of last year.

COVID is still out there. The Legislature should take action and simply extend the procedure used for the general election last year. For seniors and other who are staying home to stay safe, this would be greatly appreciated.

A.A. Austin, Del City

In with the My Pillow, out with Amazon

Cancel culture works both ways! I just ordered a My Pillow using the discount code advertised on Fox News. And, I cancelled my Amazon account.

Bill Logan, Norman

A little historical accuracy would help

I suggest Norman Stewart (Your Views, Jan. 27) begin his next writing with historical accuracy as it would lend credibility to what he wishes to address (and the opposite is true). There was no "discovery" that Richard Nixon authorized the Watergate break-in. Instead, the Republican leaders asked him to resign over impending obstruction of justice charges related to its cover-up, not a rebuke of "election tampering." So, what was he saying about current events?

Kent Fauss, Oklahoma City

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