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Point of View: Amazed, grateful for care provided while hospitalized for COVID

As someone who spent Dec. 19-25 in an isolated COVID-19 floor of Hillcrest Medical Center in Tulsa, I want to commend the brave hospital RNs, nurses, CTAs and technicians who work 14-plus hours daily to help us during this pandemic.

I am amazed at the newer generation of health care workers, just out of school, with their whole lives ahead of them, making the choice day in and day out to risk their lives and go to work, at times having to watch as many as six people die during a 12-hour shift from COVID complications.

I am amazed at how the nurses and technicians go out of their way giving selflessly and risking their family and their lives to be a necessary piece of the pandemic infrastructure, while making tolerable and humane the intolerable conditions, such as being in a contactless environment while very sick. This is true from the least position, such as those who helped me go to the restroom or brought me food, to the greatest position of monitoring my health stability.

Every person who touched my life showed compassion, kindness and empathy in everything they did. I would not have been able to get through this tough time had it not been for the kind human interactions and contact that these people provided in all situations.

While being on the COVID floor during the Christmas season, it was hard to watch life go by out my hospital window, knowing the hustle and bustle of the season still goes on — shopping for presents in crowded stores, grabbing something to eat while driving because there’s not time to stop, grabbing a cup of coffee and tasting the new flavor, knowing that my husband was going crazy trying to pick up the slack because I wasn’t there to do my part, knowing the commitments that I had made that wouldn't be met.

It was unbearable not being able to be held and comforted by my husband through one of the most difficult times in my life, and knowing that my families were unwrapping presents and sitting down to a meal together while I looked out at the lights at night in this great season of joy.

We all know that technicians, doctors, nurses and medical staff are an integral part of society’s backbone. But at this time, their small acts of kindness are a large part of what helps each person succeed in their recovery. I am amazed at each person I met.

Montgomery lives in Skiatook.