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Your Views Wednesday, Dec. 23

Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt
Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt

Gov. Stitt’s complete lack of respect

Recently, Oklahoma made the national news twice. Surely Gov. Kevin Stitt's advice (ignoring pleas from the medical community) for large family gatherings at Thanksgiving is one of the reasons Oklahoma made the news for ranking near the top in new COVID cases. And if that's not enough, Stitt made news for encouraging all those who prefer few COVID restrictions to come to Oklahoma, bringing their lack of precautions and possible cases with them.

The advertisement begins with Stitt saying, "Today, we all need a place that offers hope." No, what we need is a governor who gives hope by serving as a personal example of what precautions are needed. And even though the vaccine offers real hope, Stitt needs to realize that getting an adequate number vaccinated is still months away. It is irresponsible to encourage those who want to pretend "life is normal" to visit Oklahoma during this holiday time when COVID is rampant.

What a complete show of disrespect to Oklahoma's health care workers who are trying desperately just to provide care for Oklahomans. And to Oklahomans who are trying their best to protect themselves and others. How disappointing to have a governor who disregards advice of the science and medical communities and instead "does what he wants" with little concern regarding the consequences on the health of Oklahomans.

Janis Blevins, Oklahoma City

Republican Party should address real issues

It is obvious President Trump and the Republican Party are upset about losing the presidential election. They are using every trick in their political skullduggery book to reverse the outcome. Have they forgotten that Hillary Clinton got 48.5% of the popular votes in 2016? Trump got 46.4%. Why didn’t Republicans take on the Electoral College in 2016 since it clearly did not represent the will of the people?

The Republican Party doesn’t appear to have the courage to stand up to Trump like many health care workers are standing up to the pandemic by working long hours in COVID-infected conditions. The GOP needs to wake up. There is plenty of work for attorneys general and congressional Republicans to do without attempting to reverse the will of the people and destroy our democracy. They should address issues like providing financial assistance to citizens who are out of work or whose businesses are failing rather than waste time trying to help Trump prove his re-election fantasy.

Richard C. Hall, Norman

Really smart how Democrats pulled this off

According to Donald Trump and his supporters, the Democrats have just pulled off the biggest fraud in American history. They rigged an election that got 7 million illegal voters to cast their ballots without being caught by the "poll watchers." They devised a plot so intricate that even the Supreme Court couldn't find it. They outwitted the Republican governors and secretaries of state who couldn't pin anything on those sly Democrats. So, the Dems got away with stealing the election from Donald Trump — not the Republicans running for election in the Senate, just Donald Trump. That was really smart how those Democrats pulled it off. I don't know how they did it!

Jeffiee Tayar, Oklahoma City

How about a tax to help the suffering?

With thousands or millions of U.S. citizens losing employment, struggling to feed themselves or to retain their domiciles, and with suicide rates climbing, I feel it would be appropriate to levy a once in a century federal tax to at least partially alleviate this distress. I know this idea would be condemned as a despicable far-left suggestion, but it addresses a far more despicable level of national distress and human suffering. I don't even earn enough money to pay income tax, but I would be quite willing to pay 1% of my net worth to this tax fund if it were levied nationally without deductions or exemptions.

Since there are more than 600 billionaires in the country, this group alone would generate more than $6 billion to aid those in need. Words can not express the sympathy I would feel toward those who would be constrained to keep only 99% of their billions.

Bert Rackett, Oklahoma City

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