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Your Views Sunday, Dec. 20

Surrounded by Army cadets, President Donald Trump watches the first half of the Army-Navy football game on Saturday, Dec. 12. [AP Photo/Andrew Harnik]
Surrounded by Army cadets, President Donald Trump watches the first half of the Army-Navy football game on Saturday, Dec. 12. [AP Photo/Andrew Harnik]

Much to like about Electoral College

The fact that criticism of the Electoral College persists demonstrates two things: the brilliance of the Founding Fathers who created it, and the ignorance of and willful resistance to the timeless principles of natural law. The Electoral College helps to preserve our constitutional republic against the tyranny resulting from the inevitable, inherent failures of a pure democracy. It protects against the tyranny of the majority, encourages coalition building and discourages voter fraud.

The idea of a "popular vote" is superficial, not sound.

Duane L. Burgess, Edmond

Sad and dangerous time in history

Regarding “Black man shot, killed by OKC officer” (News, Dec. 12): Why is it necessary to identify the victim by race? I was raised by a peace officer who made his career by helping and protecting all people, all races. What would the majority of us do when threatened by a knife? It is a sad and dangerous time in history. Please, let us all understand what it must be like to put on a gun every day and pray we do not have to use it.

Ernestine Hallren, Edmond

Potential trouble ahead from court rulings

It is well known that the U.S. Supreme Court worships at the altar of precedence, therefore its 7-2 decision to deny a hearing on the 19 states' attempt to overturn results of alleged fraudulent voting in four states in the Trump-Biden race. This makes one wonder what might ever be enough to persuade the court to overcome its dislike of disruption, an example being when Chief Justice John Roberts decided to call Obamacare a tax instead of insurance to justify his vote to uphold it. An exception to this position is when the court decided our Constitution allows the killing of unborn babies through the ninth month of pregnancy. Of course, that decision favored the left. If the courts continue to favor the left on the most important matters, there will be trouble ahead.

Joe Ralls, Moore

We sure are lucky to live in the USA

As I look at and read about North Korea, I can't help but be thankful for how lucky we are to live in the United States. At least in this country we don't have a leader who tells us only what he wants us to know, employs his own family members in high-level government positions for which they are not qualified and can't get the required security clearances, surrounds himself and employs only those who agree with him, holds events to feed his ego, claps for himself at these events and expects the audience to do the same, thinks he has the right to remain the leader for as long as he sees fit, does not believe in fair elections, lies to the people on a daily basis, gets special medical treatments for himself and friends who are not available to the public, enriches himself and his family while in public office, says he is smarter than anyone in the country but keeps his school records sealed, and spends most of his time on foreign affairs with corrupt dictators with whom he has business interests rather than with his allies.

I don't know what we would do if we had someone like this as our president, but I am sure our senators and congressmen would not tolerate these actions for a minute. We sure are lucky!

Donald D. Meyer, Yukon

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