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Oklahoma County property sales from The Oklahoman for Aug. 22, 2020

Recent major sales in Oklahoma County totaled more than $35 million, according to deeds released from County Clerk David B. Hooten's office. To search more deeds go to Major sales are those of $300,000 or more.

$1,000,000 or more

• ABS Option Co. LLC from Harper-Lytle Properties LLC, property near the northwest corner of N Sooner Road and E Coffee Creek Road, Edmond, $3,630,500.

• Sabih Kalidy and Natalie Malas from Michael M. Vahabzadegan, trustee of the M&M Revocable Trust, 5025 Gaillardia Circle, $2,500,000.

• 53020 Investments LLC from Jeffrey Scott Dennis Jr., 11600 Mill Hollow Court, $2,467,500.

• Stephanie S. Naifeh, trustee of the Stephanie S. Naifeh Revocable Trust from Jeffrey C. and Stephanie M. Hoover, 2633 Dorchester Drive, $1,540,000.

$999,999 to $300,000

• Jennifer Wehmeyer from The Aguilar Group LLC, 16240 Muirfield Place, $800,000.

• Zedliner Global LLC from Bruce H. and Roberta R. Stover, 2520 NW Grand Blvd., $800,000.

• Mohamad Jouhari and Raneen Othaman from Keith L. Hadlock and James B. Baker II Revocable Family Trust, 12201 Maple Ridge Road, $785,000.

• Jay Wesley Sparks and Ruby Leah Sparks from Douglas D. and Michele B. Jackson, 13420 Skyview Road, $700,000.

• Tom and Hyunju J. Cauthorn from Q5 Custom Homes LLC, 4517 Westcott Circle, Edmond, $689,500.

• Scott Melson and Ashley from Christopher Pace and Mallory Morris, also known as Mallory Pace, 524 NW 42, $622,500.

• Oklahoma Distilling Co. from Hamiltonsunshine LLC, 120 N Western Ave., $600,000.

• Jimmy Boyd Wilkerson and Jamie Lillie Wilkerson from Larry and Mellisa LeeAnn Yockey, 14701 N Western Ave., $587,000.

• Alisa B. Ratzlaff from Kimmel Group LLC, 11225 Blue Sage Road, $565,000.

• Doug Epperson and Cari Epperson from Kristina R. Gose, formerly known as Kristina R. Wallace, and Dustin E. Gose, 809 Crystal Creek Place, Edmond, $560,000.

• License To Chill LLC from Oak and Willow Design and Construction LLC, 2408 Amante Court, Edmond, $526,000.

• Tiffany Roynecia Griffin-Jefferson from Jack Scott and Catherine Kae Loft, 1409 Autumn Creek Drive, Edmond, $525,000.

• Jonathan Lee Wilcox and Katherine Marie Wilcox from Calvin M. Roberts, also known as Calvin Mitchell Roberts, and Ashley A. Baccus, formerly known as Ashley A. Roberts, also known as Ashley Roberts, 17208 Whimbrel Lane, $520,000.

• Andrew James Ventures Trust from Peter B. Carl and John S. Carl, co-trustees of the Beatrice Kukcinovich Carl Revocable Trust, 14601 Wilson Road, $515,000.

• Michael Amox from the Jackson Family Trust, 6600 Thurlow Place, Edmond, $499,000.

• Julie Anne Hoff, trustee of the Julie Anne Hoff Living Trust from Kats Bricktown Baby LLC, 214 Russell M. Perry Ave., $480,000.

• Ajay Varughese and Trails End Homes Inc., 14024 SE 37, $475,000.

• Chares E. and Holly Dailey from SWM & Sons Inc., 15224 SE 41, Choctaw, $474,000.

• Zachary and Shayna Turner from SWM & Sons Inc., 15332 SE 41, Choctaw, $471,000.

• Misael Martinez Ochoa from Terry and Brenda Jameson, 308 NW 24, $470,000.

• Ryan and Kristina Dzurisin from Bradley Johnathan and Rachel Misialek, 23260 Hunters Trail, Edmond, $450,000.

• Eugene R. and Shirley Hunyadi from Seagull Custom Homes Inc., 8817 NW 127, $444,500.

• Jordan and Anne Anderson from David Frank and Wendy N. Crawford, 11025 Autumn Road, $426,000.

• John R. Bomhoff from Robert W. Jr. and Jennifer J. Allen, 1616 NW 179 Terrace, $420,000.

• Katie Wilmes from Wilmington Savings Fund Society, FSB, as trustee of Upland Mortgage Loan Trust A, 1606 Drakestone Ave., Nichols Hills, $418,000.

• John O. Cremer and Shari A. Cremer from Raymond S. and Karen S. Mathia, 14344 Lanes Crossing, Choctaw, $402,000.

• John William Erickson Revocable Trust from Tina Dickerson and Alejandra Sanchez, 16100 Red Clover Circle, Edmond, $400,000.

• Paul A. and Stephanie K. Higdon from Struble Properties LLC, 1113 NW 15, $398,000.

• Sathish Ramanathan and Mohanageetha Ardhanari from Clint Sevell and Katherine Elizabeth Hammer, 904 NW 185, $397,000.

• Beau and Hailey Coffindaffer from Colby T. and Keri R. Brock, 18370 N Elk Lane, Edmond, $395,000.

• Joseph Richard Janosy from HMA Real Estate Investments LLC, 6204 Waterford Blvd., Unit 5, $395,000.

• 2612 Dorchester LLC from Cary W. and Sheila Amundsen, 2612 Dorchester Drive, $386,000.

• Willard Lee Edwards and Lana Kay Griffith from Landmark Fine Homes LP, 18621 Barcas Road, Edmond, $375,000.

• Steven and Audra Lemke from ODG Villas LLC, 12000 Rush St., $372,000.

• Jay T. and Alicia Hoey from Daniel K. and Fonda D. Nixon, 1701 Faircloud Drive, Edmond, $369,000.

• Stephen Richard Long and Michael Balp from Richard and Maria Yocom, 1812 NW 15, $368,000.

• Kelsey Leigh and Robert Dennis Hall from Cody R. and Kelsey VanCleave, 15209 SE 57, $365,000.

• Corey Von and Jennifer Leigh Rhames from Jaared D. Scott and Kristy L. Scott, 21808 N Heidi Drive, Edmond, $365,000.

• Joanna M. Samples from Alder Fine Homes LLC, 2517 Piedmont Court, Edmond, $365,000.

• Chad Allan and Brenda Ann McClendon from Sean Carr, the duly qualified and acting personal representative of the estate of Shanita Carr, also known as Chanita Cogshell, 1317 Narrows Bridge Circle, Edmond, $361,000.

• Cathy Edwards from Aaron Tatum Custom Homes LLC, 5300 NW 117 Terrace, $360,000.

• William C. III and Melissa McVea from 5400 N Dewey Ave LLC, 5400 N Dewey Ave., $358,000.

• Jose G. Montero and Mariuly M. Ramos Lara from Taber Built Homes, 2932 Dudley Drive, Edmond, $354,000.

• Joshua A. and Kiley Edington from Dustin T. and Deedra Dawn Delaney, 21460 Landmark Road, $350,000.

• Shonna Wolfe from Don Chesser Homes Inc., 2508 Merlot Court, Edmond, $345,000.

• Adam K. Sawyer from Harbor Homes Inc., 15916 Langley Way, Edmond, $343,500.

• Brian D. Milman and Brianna T. Desire from Oliver Management Investments LLC, 2130 NW 21, $343,000.

• Daniel Bruce and Nicole Lee De Longe from Bretonya Janey Philips-Johnson and Melvin Johnson, 2420 Old Pond Road, Edmond, $336,000.

• Landon McKean from Patrick James McDonald, 1825 Drakestone Ave., Nichols Hills, $335,000.

• Carolyn E. and Stephen C. Pace from Jean A. Gardner and Paul Edward Gardner, trustees of the Jean A. Gardner Revocable Living Trust, 1704 NW 182, $333,000.

• Orville V. and Sheri R. Shoemaker from John and Tia Turrin, 1924 Redland Drive, Edmond, $331,500.

• Max Colin Lichtenstein and Kelli A. Lichtenstein, 1007 NW 34, $325,000.

• Adam Albert and Lyssa Nicole Veldhousen from Brian and Jennifer Attebery, 619 Sunny Brook Drive, Edmond, $320,000.

• Michelle R. Sanders from Hieu V. Tran and Renee Michell, 16316 Josiah Place, $319,000.

• Conner Kinman and Chelsie Kinman from Beau D. and Hailey N. Coffindaffer, 3132 Rosewood Lane, $315,000.

• Eric Blades from Revocable Trust of Sally K. Wilton, 2005 N Gatewood Ave., $312,000.

• Larry McClure and Beverly McClure from Jerri and David Michael Toumbs, 4217 NW 145, $306,000.

• Kathleen Denise Williams from Taber Built Homes LLC, 516 NW 199, Edmond, $304,500.

• Chris Kempen and Tessie Kempen from Andrew S. and Shawn Wray, 1312 NW 197, $300,000.