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Three easy steps to clean makeup brushes

Good for you if you clean your makeup brushes weekly.

If we’re being honest, many of us don’t. Oh, sure, we may think about it and know it needs to be done, but maybe the time’s not right or we’re in a hurry or there’s something else we want to do. Makeup artists say just do it. And make it a regular part of the week. Yes, week.

Shape recently offered a story that goes into detail on the subject if you need a reminder why it’s important to clean those brushes or how. And it's easy. Just three steps. 

But if you forget, a national makeup artist once suggested to me to work brush cleaning into my weekly beauty ritual. So, if you apply a facial mask every Sunday evening, take that time to clean your brushes. Easy to remember, easy to do.

Here’s the Shape story.

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Makeup brushes should be cleaned weekly.

Makeup brushes should be cleaned weekly.

<figure><img src="//" alt="Photo - Makeup brushes should be cleaned weekly." title="Makeup brushes should be cleaned weekly."><figcaption>Makeup brushes should be cleaned weekly.</figcaption></figure>
Linda Miller

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