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COVID testing: cheap, quick, at-home rapid test is needed, experts say

One major reason COVID-19 is raging out of control across much of the country: the current system of testing catches only a tiny fraction of people while they are contagious.

It's now clear as many as 40% of people who contract the coronavirus that causes the disease don't know they have it. Others are contagious a few days before they know they're sick. If more people knew when they were infectious, they would likely stay home and not pass on the virus, slowing or even stopping the outbreak.

But the test that's most commonly used to diagnose COVID-19, known as a PCR test, requires analysis in a lab using expensive equipment. With the current surge in cases in Southern and Western states, and a shortage of supplies to run the tests, it routinely takes three to five days – often a week or longer – to return results.

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