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Oklahoma County property sales from The Oklahoman for April 25, 2020

Recent major sales in Oklahoma County totaled more than $37 million, according to deeds released from County Clerk David B. Hooten's office. To search more deeds go to Major sales are those of $200,000 or more.

$1,000,000 or more

• CF KL Assets 2019-1 LLC from American Homes 4 Rent Properties Eight LLC, 2819 NW 158, 7208 NW 131, 3101 NW 120, 17416 Wain Bridge Ave., 1730 NW 111, 545 NW 174, 17408 Valley Crest, 16000 Rim Road, 17509 Bronze Lane, 16816 Valderama Way, 16117 Wind Drive, 4920 NW 164 Terrace, 15929 Sky Run Drive, 19124 Summer Grove Ave., 19001 Butterfly Blvd., 3020 NW 182 Terrace; 1804 Dena Drive, Edmond; 4013 Eaton Place, Edmond; 2741 Stafford Road, Edmond; 2417 Steeple Chase Road, Edmond; 1700 Fairmont Lane, Edmond; 1808 NW 173; 1813 Del Simmons Drive, Edmond; 2709 NW 163; 1844 NW 172; 4908 NW 163; 1816 Ada Sage Lane, Edmond; and 12801 SE 20, Midwest City, $5,361,500.

• CF KL Assets 2019-1 LLC from AH4R Properties LLC, 1904 NW 177, 8609 NW 74, 16604 Valderama Way, 2304 NW 152, 5104 SE 80, 1533 NW 123, 2413 NW 153, 2421 NW 158; 2829 NW 166 St., 2104 NW 199, 2342 Serenade Drive, Midwest City; and 12784 SE 21 Court, Midwest City, $2,155,500.

• FCPT Holdings LLC from Quail Springs Mall LLC, 2425 W Memorial Road, $1,961,500.

• KayJax LLC from Richard R. and Tracey L. Brown, 14918 Hertz Quail Springs Parkway, $1,730,000.

• Harvey Apartments LLC from Irena B. Parker, also known as Irene Parker, also known as Irina B. Parker, sole trustee of the Survivor’s Trust, established under the Rickard S. and Irina B. Parker Revocable Living Trust, 2419 N Harvey Ave., 2501 N Harvey Ave., $1,570,000.

• Craig Boeite and Paula Boeite from Kristin Morgan Fares Trust, 16705 Riverbirch Lane, $1,310,000.

• Michael A. Cawley and Betty Jane Cawley, trustee of the MABJ Cawley trust, from Janell L. Everest Living Trust, 6329 Harden Drive, $1,200,000.

• Surya M. Artham and Anisha Budhiraj from Divine Investments LLC, 17824 Prairie Sky Way, Edmond, $1,190,000.

$999,999 to $300,000

• Kristin Morgan Fares and Erik Spencer Fares, trustees of the Kristin Morgan Fares Trust, from Merrimac Real Estate Holdings I LLC, 2736 W Country Club Drive, $925,000.

• Market 901 LLC from Guilford Investments LLC, 1804 Devonshire, Nichols Hills, $800,000.

• Ronald R. Home, trustee of the Ronald R. Hope Trust, from DJW Living Trust, 1217 Abberly Circle, Edmond, $715,000.

• Lance Dockings from Neal McGee Homes Inc., 15101 Salem Creek Place, $670,000.

• Stryker Integrated Solutions LLC from TGC Properties LLC, 417 NE 139, $600,000.

• 23 NE 3rd LLC from James C. Johnsen and Laurel J. Johnsen, co-trustees of the Johnsen Family Trust, 23 NE 3, $580,000.

• Graham D. and Cindy Ritchie from Bill Roberts Custom Homes LLC, 16409 Rhone Drive, $574,000.

• Joshua Smith from Spencer B. and Tammy L. Philo, 17841 Prairie Sky Way, $548,000.

• Julie Gallaway and Trey Gallaway from Timothy T. and Amber White, 5200 Wheatley Way, Edmond, $525,000.

• Tyler Glaze and Hillary Glaze from Todd G. and Monica J. Lamb, 5423 NW 132, $515,000.

• Deep Fork Bottom LLC from Angela Huffman, trustee of the Natoma Huffman Trust, property near the northwest corner of N Dobbs Road and E Covell Road, $464,000.

• TLJC Property Holdings LLC from GTA INVESTMENTS Inc., also known as G.T.A. Investments Inc., also known as GRA Investments Inc., 5101 S Interstate 35 Service Road, 1113 SE 51, 1109 SE 51, and 1107 SE 51, $460,000.

• Christopher Wright from Perry L. and Leona Sue Talbott, 20301 Cedar Oak Ridge, Luther, $450,000.

• Lester L. Fries from Tapestry Custom Homes LLC, 19805 Stratmore Way, $431,500.

• Brian and Astarsha VanCuren from Vintage Custom Homes LLC, 17021 Reedser Way, Harrah, $429,500.

• Amanda L. Otis and Ryan C. Otis from Trinitia Y. Cannon, 18701 Wolf Creek Drive, $418,000.

• Jeff Ghandnoosh and Sara Khashayari from Yahya C. Mombeni and Fahimeh Janaki Revocable Trust, 16000 Brenton Hills Ave., $407,500.

• Maki Ikeda from Matt and Gerard Kyle Montes-Valdivia, 208 NW 22, $400,000.

• Matt and Shai McPherson from Dreamworks Construction LLC, 12508 Bristlecone Pine Blvd., $386,500.

• Rogers Oil Co. Inc. from Drury Properties LLC, property near the northeast corner of S Santa Fe Avenue and SW 44, $381,500.

• Walter Eugene Ades from Timothy M. and Denise M. Bannon, 4409 Native Dancer Drive, Edmond, $348,000.

• Allyson Michelle Weimer from Aubrie Glanville, also known as Aubrie E. Comp-Glanville, now known as Aubrie Elizabeth Comp, 1417 Arts District Drive, Edmond, $345,000.

• Byron R. Snyder Jr. from Paul Bradley Homes LLC, property near the northwest corner of N Peebly Road and E Reno Avenue, Harrah, $329,500.

• Louis M. Vovk and Pamela E. Vovk, trustees of the Vovk Living Trust, 1932 Boathouse Road, Edmond, $312,000.

• Alison R. Church-Pugh and Sherman Pugh, 1441 Kelley Pointe Parkway, Edmond, $307,000.

• West Britton Investments LLC from Region Remarketing LLC, 344 W Britton Road, $300,000.

$299,999 to $200,000

• Redstone Land Development Co. LLC from JC Building Concepts Inc., property near the southeast corner of NE 36 and N Henney Road, Choctaw, $280,000.

• Matthew McGee and Stephanie McGee from Ronald L. Hammond and Kimberly K. Hammond, co-trustees of the Hammond Family Revocable Trust, 9532 Farmhouse Lane, Edmond, $265,000.

• LeBlanc Investments LLC from Jason R. and Jennifer L. Bodin, 2716 Ashe Brooke Place, Edmond, $261,500.

• Hunter G. Roper and Lauren H. Roper from Luis F. and Jennifer M. Nunes, 3624 NW 66, $260,000.

• Thomas Phillip Kierl III and Heather Dawn Kierl, trustees of Northcreek Living Trust, property near the southeast corner of NW 178 and N Portland Avenue, $250,000.

• Troy D. Mongold from Edward J. and Vera L. Muno, 3601 Steven Court, Edmond, $248,000.

• Bailey Smith from Vernon L. and Lori L. Smith, 3108 NW 61 Place, $245,000.

• Alder Fine Homes LLC from Crosstimber Partners LLC, property near the northwest corner of N Sooner Road and E Covell Road, Edmond, $245,000.

• Lacie Elizabeth and Joshua Permenter from Dareyoss Negussie, also known as Dareyoss T. Negussie, 2012 Pine View Terrace, Edmond, $238,000.

• Dawana E. Risinger from Rafael Alberto and Natalie Alvarado, 5516 SE 57, $237,000.

• Rachel Catherine Ginter and Catherine O’Conner from 5M Contracting LLC, 2601 W Park Place, $236,000.

• Danielle Jean Williams and Richard Wayne Sewell from Jon Patrick and Lisa Marie Wright, 11708 Katie Cove, $236,000.

• Adler Fine Homes LLC from Barbara N. Pearce Family Trust, property near the northeast corner of N Midwest Boulevard and E Edmond Road, Edmond, $235,000.

• Hayley Lane Dolan from Zachary M. and Jayme Myers, 3725 NW 69, $235,000.

• Rachelle Hetterson from Jace M. and Amber M. Kirk, 3812 S Olie Ave., $235,000.

• Joshua Adam Wilsie from Amanda T. and Josh D. Martin, 2055 Long Trail Court, Edmond, $233,000.

•Kimberly Katherine and Kyle Leon Meade from Debra A. Foley, 14109 Oxford Drive, $232,500.

• Martha Kate Robinson from Allyson M. Weimer, 1600 Brighton Ave., The Village, $230,000.

• Brandon D. and Julie Pointer from Southwestern Oil Corp., 15700 Brenner Pass, $227,000.

• Natalie Scoville from Red Stag Investments LLC, 3713 Oakridge Circle, Edmond, $225,000.

• William D. and Judy C. Antle Family Trust from Meghan Bellamy, now known as Megan Roper, and Stuart Roper, 114 N Trail Ridge Road, Edmond, $225,000.

• Sulphur Motor Inn LLC from Matthew Lon and Jennifer Leslie Winton Revocable Trust, 215 E Eighth St., Edmond, $224,500.

• Carol M. Josephson from Acropolis LLC, 14113 Osage Drive, $220,000.

• Lera Investment Group LLC from Garett Investment Co. LLC, property near S Anderson Road and SE 74, $220,000.

• Walter Calvin Parrish and Judy A. Colonnese from Kim L. Falk, trustee of Kim L. Falk Revocable Trust, 1613 Ridgeway Road, $220,000.