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Your Views Wednesday, March 25

Gov. Kevin Stitt
Gov. Kevin Stitt

Price tag a key part of tax-credit debate

In “Tax-credit bill helps all schools” (Point of View, March 18), the CEO of Positive Tomorrows leaves out an important piece — the price tag. The Opportunity Scholarship Fund allows tax credits at the maximum amount of $5 million. The goal of Senate Bill 407, however, is to increase this to at least $30 million. How many students are benefiting from this? Since there is no transparency in the accounting of the funds given to these private schools, we really do not know! If Positive Tomorrows claims to have helped 102 students this year, how much of the Opportunity Scholarship Fund is being given to them? How many students around the state actually need to be given an education outside of what is provided in our public schools?

As a fiscal conservative, I know that tax credits reduce the amount of state revenue. I need more information as to how many “needy” students, not just students who have decided to attend private schools, are being helped by this enormous amount of money.

Judy Mullen Hopper, Oklahoma City

Gov. Stitt not doing enough to lead

I am not a fan of New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, but he is well informed and on the ball with what his state needs. He is not afraid to take action that others may not like. Gov. Kevin Stitt is like a doe in the headlights. All he can talk about it eating out, and that Oklahoma doesn’t have any test kits. If it had not been for Mayor David Holt and some of the other mayors putting down strict regulations, we would be acting like there is no pandemic.

Our governor leaves everything up to the individual municipalities. Why? He is supposed to lead the state and be on top of things. For some reason he seems to be failing to take the lead. Does he know what the health care needs of the state are? Does he know the impact this has on all us? Is he up to date on what measures may need to be taken?

The private sector is also taking the lead in all of this. Stitt needs to step up and take control, and act like he knows what is going on.

Barbara Butterfield, Oklahoma City

Oklahomans getting tired of Inhofe’s actions

Well Sen. Inhofe, it looks like you have been caught again. C’mon, selling stock on non-public information is a bit too much. I know you say your financial adviser actually made the transaction, but how quickly after you received the information did you call your adviser? Oklahomans are getting tired of your lack of ethics and denial of science.

Additionally, how do you and Sen. James Lankford justify not voting for the Phase 2 coronavirus relief bill? How does this serve Oklahomans? You are not representing Oklahomans on this or many other issues.

Lance Jordan, Edmond

I want to support the president, but …

On the one hand, I want to be informed about the status of the COVID-19 virus, but every time I watch the president stand in front of us, he continues to mislead and make false promises — about never seeing this coming (he called it a hoax), about having plenty of tests, about there being hundreds of millions of masks on the way to hospitals, about Naval hospital ships (both are under repair and lack full crews), and about how his response has been a “10.” Really? How many will die due to his two months of inaction?

Worst of all, he refuses to take responsibility. Who was it who disbanded the specialized pandemic response task force in the NSC, a group set up specifically for this kind of emergency?

I am not a supporter of the president, but at a time like this, I want to be able to rally around him, just as I did with President Bush after 9/11. But President Trump lies about everything. He is more concerned about himself than any of us. That is not a leader. What we need instead of lies, false promises and passing the buck is a president who leads in our reality, not his.

Brenda White, Edmond

Grateful for Inhofe’s service to Oklahoma

In disbelief, I read Valerie Fricke’s letter (Your Views, March 22) trashing our senior U.S. senator and the work he has done for Oklahoma and our country. Consider the major military installations located here and Jim Inhofe’s leadership. Thousands of active employees, thousands of retirees and families are very grateful for his staunch position in maintaining those facilities when proposed base closings included some of them. Thank you Sen. Inhofe, and our current commander in chief, for having our back.

Ed Michaud, Midwest City

Michaud is a U.S. Air Force veteran.

Writer bothered by Inhofe’s ideology?

Valerie Fricke (Your Views, March 22) writes of Sen. Jim Inhofe’s age and years served but I suspect it’s his conservatism that she doesn’t like. Inhofe is 85 but looks younger and still flies his plane. He has served a long time but except for the current flap over his broker transferring some stock into mutual funds, per the senator’s request two years ago in order to avoid anything improper, there has been nothing but solid conservative accomplishment during Inhofe’s time in the U.S. Senate and all other offices he held.

Age and term limits are factors in a political candidacy but neither of those has kept him from serving us well. We need more like Inhofe representing us.

Joe Ralls, Moore

A solution to church amid the coronavirus

To help stem this crisis, church services need to be prohibited. In Oklahoma, leaders would risk grave political damage by doing this — until it is too late and thousands more become needlessly infected.

Deeply religious people want to go to church. In times of trouble, the pews get even more full. Despite what these people may believe, this will likely make the crisis worse.

For many, watching a service on TV isn’t enough. They desire to be in the presence of the holy person of their choice, on sacred ground. Why not have service drive-in-movie style in the church parking lot? Parishioners stay in their cars, the minister/priest conducts the service on a stage at a safe distance, cameras capture the action. Portable, wide-area wifi systems would allow those in the cars to receive the camera feed, which they could watch on a phone, tablet or laptop computer. This is far safer than holding the service in a building and will help meet the needs of the faithful in these trying times.

Bill Gronos, Yukon

St. Monica Catholic Church in Edmond held Mass in a drive-in style last week.

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